Zombie’s Munsters Movie Comparison To The Series: Biggest Changes Explained

Warning! SPOILERS for The Munsters (2022).Rob Zombie Feature Film Reboot The Munsters has a few key differences from the original TV show. Although a family comedy may not be the best for the director of House of a Thousand Corpses, The Munsters occupies at least the same genus. The original sitcom followed the lives of a family of horror archetypes as they adjust to life in contemporary American suburbia. Rather than revisiting that premise, the new film depicts how the Munsters ended up leaving their home in Transylvania for the United States.


The Rob Zombie munsters prequel/reboot is the second 21st century attempt to revisit the Munster family, following a failed reboot of Hannibal co-creator Bryan Fuller. Title Way of the Mockingbirdsthe show featured Development stopped‘s Portia de Rossi as vampire Lily Munster and comedian Eddie Izzard as her vampire father’s grandfather. While a pilot was produced for Halloween 2012, the series was not picked up by NBC, which had disagreements with Fuller over the inconsistent tone. Criticisms of tonal inconsistency have also been leveled at Rob Zombie’s new film, which similarly attempts to bring the Munster family to a contemporary audience.

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One of the aspects of The Munsters what Rob Zombie wanted to keep for his reboot was the black-and-white aesthetic of the original ’60s sitcom, which was rejected by the studio. Instead, the film is shot is incredibly colorful, save for a black-and-white homage to the original. munsters title sequence. This is the most obvious difference from the original sitcom, but many other changes have been made to Rob Zombie. The Munsters film.

How Herman From The Munsters Movie Compares To The Show

In the original series, Lily and Grandpa are said to have met Herman in Transylvania sometime in the late 1800s. This encounter is depicted in the new film, which depicts how Herman and Lily fell in love at first sight. , after seeing it on television, and he meets her backstage at a club in Transylvania. As The Munsters The TV show drew heavily on Universal’s iconic monster movies for inspiration, Herman Munster’s creation was explicitly linked to its creator, Doctor Frankenstein. Herman’s origins are different in The Munsters movie, visually he’s still a Frankenstein-style creation, but instead he’s built by the new character, Dr. Wolfgang, who gives him the hands of the greatest pianist while intending to give him the smartest brain from Transylvania.

Due to a mortuary accident, Herman is instead given the brains of a comedian hack, and he briefly embarks on a career in show business: first as a comedian, then as a rock star. It’s a nod to The Munsters season 2, episode 12, “Will Success Spoil Herman Munster?” in which Herman briefly becomes a famous singer. Aside from this substantial shift from his origins as a creation of Frankenstein, who spent time in England, the film version of Herman retains the character’s generous nature, childlike joy, and memorable burst of laughter.

How Lily From The Munsters Movie Compares To The Show

Strangely for a modernization of The Munsters, the Lily in the movie that divides Rob Zombie often seems to be more in Herman’s thrall than she is in the original series. The original Lily wasn’t afraid to say Herman, but the Lily in the movie is just mildly annoyed that Herman accidentally gave up her family home. When audiences are introduced to this new version of the character, she’s introduced as a beautiful vampire, unlucky in love, on a string of disappointing dates. When she sees Dr. Wolfgang’s creation unveiled on daytime television, she instantly falls head over heels in love with Herman. He is presented more as an instant physical attraction than the mutual love and affection present in the original sitcom. It’s possible their relationship will play out differently in a 2022 Netflix movie, as it’s absent from the constraints of the more chaste network television of the ’60s.

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How The Munsters Movie Grandpa Compares To The Show

Grandfather Munster often referred to Herman as his favorite son-in-law. As The Munsters film depicts the courtship of Herman and Lily, he is introduced as a disapproving future stepfather. The film depicts how Herman gave Grandpa a better life in America, which always earned the character respect in the original series. As with Herman and Lily, the look of the 2022 version of Grandpa is consistent with the character designs from the original sitcom.

How Igor From The Munsters Movie Compares To The Show

Played by Doctor Whoof Sylvester McCoy, Igor is technically one of The Munsters‘ new characters. However, Igor was a character from the original series – Grandfather’s loyal servant who had been irreversibly transformed into a bat. The film depicts Igor’s life before his transformation, a butler loyal to both Grandpa and Lily, serving them food, helping them choose their wardrobe, and helping conjure up magic spells. When the family has to move to America, Igor is turned into a bat in order to save on airfare, a process that will prove irreversible.

How Lester From The Munsters Movie Compares To The Show

Like Igor, Lester Dracula is another munsters character who gets a bigger role in the new movie. Grandpa’s son and Lily’s brother, Lester is a flashy entrepreneurial werewolf, who only appeared in one episode of the original. munsters show, which regularly fails in its business endeavors. back for The Munsters film, Lester Dracula is presented less as a businessman and more as a reckless gambler whose debts ultimately cause Grandfather and Lily to lose the family castle. It is Lester’s manipulation of well-meaning Herman that leads the family to travel to America to start a new life, but Lester’s game ultimately pays off and rewards the family handsomely. It’s a nod to The Munsters season 1, episode 15, “Herman’s Rival”, when the Munster patriarch loses his savings due to one of Lester’s failed business schemes.

Eddie and Marilyn of the Munsters do not appear (or at least not as expected)

Despite the appearance of deep characters like Lester and Zombo, there are two crucial elements munsters characters absent from the film – Eddie (Butch Patrick) and Marilyn Munster (Beverley Owen/Pat Priest). While the Rob Zombie reboot focuses on the early days of Herman and Lily’s relationship, it’s no surprise that their son Eddie doesn’t appear. Butch Patrick gets a cameo in the movie, though, as Tin Can Man – Eddie’s homemade robot and grandfather from the original series.

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The absence of Marilyn, Lily’s niece also corresponds to the place of the new film in The Munsters chronology. The character’s origins are never fully explained in the original series, beyond her claim that she has lived with the Munsters since she was a baby and her parents still live in Transylvania. If lit green, Rob Zombie munsters sequel could explain the mystery of Marilyn. Marilyn has been played by both Beverley Owen and Pat Priest in the series, and it is Priest who makes a vocal appearance as the Transylvania Airlines announcer on the Munsters’ flight to America.

The Munsters movie is set in Transylvania, not America

The biggest difference with Rob Zombie munsters the film is the setting. The appeal of the series was the comedy inherent in a family of horror movie archetypes living in the American suburbs of the tumultuous 1960s. The blended family of a Frankenstein monster, two vampires, a werewolf child and a beautiful blonde American woman often allowed the series to tackle the intolerance of the time. By setting most of the film’s duration in Transylvania, Rob Zombie forgets the original message of The Munsters.

The Transylvania of The Munsters The film is an incredibly over-the-top, cartoonish world where monsters and ghouls rub shoulders. This setting is so broadly drawn that the culture shock of Herman and Lily’s honeymoon in Paris doesn’t really land beyond an exaggerated sequence of horrified Parisians evacuating a restaurant. When the Munster family arrives in America, they do so during Halloween, which means they can blend right in with their surroundings. Just as it looks like the film will address what life will be like for them for the other 364 days of the year, the film ends. The film’s big change of location means that The Munsters misses an opportunity to update the classic sitcom for the changing family values ​​and difficult political climate of 2022.

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