Why did Barbara Walters, host of “The View,” quit the daytime talk show?



View has seen countless host changes since her ABC premiere in August 1997, but there hasn’t been a bigger departure than Barbara Walters in 2014. That year, Walters, now 91, had chose to withdraw from the daytime talk show. The legendary journalist made the decision on her own terms. Unlike other departures in the series, there was no drama behind Walters’ choice. Walters was 85 when she retired from View.

In an interview with Variety Prior to the airing of her final episode on May 16, 2014, Walters said she was not being hunted by ABC executives. “I think Jay felt he had been kicked out,” Walters said at the time, comparing his start to Jay Leno’s final. Tonight show episode. “I don’t feel like I’m being kicked out. It was my decision. “She later told the store that she was not at all sad about leaving the show.” So maybe there is something wrong with me, “she said. Walters said. Variety. “What’s wrong with this woman that she isn’t depressed about quitting television?”

Since Walters retired, she has stayed out of the public spotlight. When View turned 90 in September 2019, she did not return to the show. However, the then hosts still toasted her legacy and thanked her for supporting them. “Happy birthday to the reason we’re all sitting around this hot topic table today – it’s the one and only Barbara Walters’ birthday,” moderator Whoopi Goldberg said on the show. “Happy birthday, Barbara! Thanks for the concert!”

In her Variety exit interview, Walters did not want to completely rule out the possibility of reappearing on the series. In fact, she remained an executive producer on the show until 2016. “I don’t mean I’m never coming back,” Walters said. “If the president came, depending on the circumstances, I could come back. If Fidel Castro said that I would do an interview with you, which he has not done for 25 years, I would go and I would.

During her last episode, Walters gave a long speech before signing, emphasizing how proud she was to see young women following in her footsteps. “If I’ve done anything to help this, it’s my legacy,” she said. “So now, after having had this amazing career, how can I just walk away and say goodbye? That way, from the bottom of my heart to all of you that I have worked with and to all of you who have watched and been to my sides for so many years, I can say: thank you. Thank you. But then who knows what the future holds? Maybe instead of goodbye, I should say see you soon. . “

Since Walters hasn’t been seen publicly recently, there has been constant speculation about his health. Back in February 2020, the former View Co-host Jenny McCarthy claimed on her SiriusXM radio show that Walters “was not doing very well” after speaking with another former co-star, Sherri Shepherd. “This woman is a juggernaut who will go on no matter what,” McCarthy said of Walters. McCarthy went on to say that the “best thing” about his experience on View spent time with Walters.

The legendary Walters is the subject of a new biography by journalist Susan Page. The book is untitled and will be published by Simon & Schuster in 2023, reports United States today.


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