TV shows that ended in 2021

TV series discontinued in 2021.

TV series discontinued in 2021.

Whether they end naturally or are abruptly canceled, it’s always difficult to say goodbye to a favorite TV series.

Some big names in comedy, reality and drama have announced they are stepping down this year, leaving fans to mourn a hole in their TV shows.

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We look back at some of the biggest shows that will be leaving our screens.

Brooklyn nine-nine

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine".  (Credit: NBC)

The Nine-Nine are no more. (NBC)

The Brooklyn Police Department Random Crime Solving sitcom has thrilled audiences for eight seasons, but all good things come to an end.

He’s always been funny and full of heart during his time on our screens, thanks to a brilliant cast including Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, Chelsea Peretti and Melissa Fumero.

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When the news broke, Fumero tweeted: “It has been one of the greatest joys and honors of my life playing Amy. I am so grateful to be able to do a victory lap with our cast and our team well- loved ones. To our incredible fans, we love you. No tears for now, we still have a whole season to shoot! “


The series has been canceled after allegations against Noel Clarke (right). (Sky)

One of the most controversial cancellations this year was Sky’s Armored, which starred Noel Clarke.

In April, it emerged that more than 20 women who knew him professionally had made allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation against the actor, which led Bafta to revoke his membership and a recent contribution award. exceptional.

Unsurprisingly, the series’ cancellation followed shortly thereafter.

Dear Whites


The musical end divided opinion. (Netflix)

The Netflix series on issues of race and racism on a US college campus reached its fourth and final season in 2021.

However, while the series drew a lot of fans in its first three seasons, many were a bit confused by the last installment which went in an entirely different direction by turning into a ’90s musical.

Town of Holby

We prepare to say goodbye to 'Holby City'.  (BBC)

We prepare to say goodbye to ‘Holby City’. (BBC)

Medical drama is one of those mainstays of the BBC that we could never have imagined not appearing to be a regular on the programs.

So it’s a big shock when the news broke that after 23 years, Town of Holby was not anymore.

A BBC statement explained: ‘We sometimes have to make tough decisions to make room for new opportunities and as part of the BBC’s commitment to do more programming across the UK we have taken the lead. tough decision to end the show in order to reshape the BBC’s list of drama series to better reflect, represent and serve all regions of the country. “

There is still time to enjoy the series a little more, as it will not air its final episode until March 2022.

keeping up with the Kardashians

Jovi claims to have never seen a single scene from Keeping Up With The Kardashians (PA Images).

Kim and mom Kris have finally reached the end of their reality days. (AP Images).

Does reality TV really exist without the Kardashians?

Kim and co are finally going to keep some of their personal lives after retiring with a 20th season of the show that has documented every part of their family’s life.

In the last episode, they took a family trip to Tahoe and had an emotional return to their fame – but somehow we wouldn’t be surprised if the series was relaunched in some form or form. other in the future.

Kill Eve

The series is killed after four seasons.  (BBC)

The series is killed after four seasons. (BBC)

It’s one of the BBC’s biggest hits in recent years, but Kill Eve Stops while he’s ahead after announcing earlier this year that the fourth season will be his last.

The elegant drama stars Sandra Oh as a spy plagued by assassin Villanelle who expertly takes on a number of different characters and accents.

Jodie Comer, who plays Villanelle, said: “Kill Eve was the most amazing trip and for which I will be eternally grateful. “

Peaky blinders

The end is drawing near for the Shelbys.  (BBC)

The end is drawing near for the Shelbys. (BBC)

Another BBC drama heading for the chop is the historic gang epic Peaky blinders, whose sixth and final season we look forward to.

The finale will be tinged with immense sadness for both the stars of the show and its fans, as Helen McCrory, who played Aunt Polly, died while filming.

This isn’t the last time we’ll see Tommy Shelby, as a spin-off of the film has already been confirmed.

The circle

Emma Willis hosts

Emma Willis hosted ‘The Circle’. (Channel 4)

Channel 4 Reality TV Contest The circle seemed to be his answer to the void left by Big Brother when it started.

But after three rounds of contestants communicating entirely through social media as they tried to determine who was genuine and who was a catfish, the Emma Willis-led series has come to an end.

The circle also had a celebrity version, but Richard Madeley chose to participate in the main show where he played a young lady called Judy.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Meghan Markle recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show / Warner Bros TV)” https:=””/>

Ellen DeGeneres recently met Meghan Markle. (The Ellen DeGeneres Show / Warner Bros TV)

American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres announced this year that she will be ending her long-running program known to have attracted big celebrities after its 19th season in 2022.

She explained, “When you’re a creative person you constantly need to be challenged – and as great as this show is and as fun as it is, it’s just not a challenge anymore,” but DeGeneres also faced the bullying controversy. charges brought in 2020 by some who had worked with her on the show, and for which she apologized.

However, she is still recruiting famous guests because one of her recent shows featured Meghan Markle in a goofy prank that saw her drink from a bottle.

The X factor

It's no surprise that <em> The X Factor </em>‘s greatest achievement has managed to win seven awards during their collaboration.  <em> What Makes You Beautiful </em> won the award for best single in 2012 while Global Success was theirs in 2013 and 2014. Their strong point was clearly in the Best Video category as they won the award for hats off in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Despite their split, fans around the world can take comfort in the fact that they have pursued their own solo careers, albeit with <a href =

“The X Factor” made One Direction stars. (Anthony Harvey / Getty Images)

TV’s most successful singing competition looked like it was on the verge of fading for years as ratings plummeted and boss Simon Cowell replaced the 2019 series with a celebrity special and band contest.

Over the summer, ITV finally announced that there was “no current plan” for another series, ending its 17-year reign.

In December, Cowell is due to launch a new singing competition at ITV, Walk the line, who sees the acts betting on their own success as they attempt to win a cash prize.

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