TV Shows Completed in 2022 – Cancel List

As mid-2022 fast approaches — and the dust has cleared after May’s abrupt cancellation — we’re giving one last look in the rearview mirror at the dozens of TV shows that have ended up until now. now this year.

More than 40 series have already aired their final episodes in 2022, many on their own terms: longtime staples like ABC blackish, NBC It’s us and those of Netflix Grace and Frankie all had to say goodbye, just like day veterans like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the beloved of PBS arthur.

But many other shows weren’t so lucky. This month brought the unceremonious cancellations of CBS Magnum IPNBC Mr. Mayor and the CWs 4400 and Noemie, to name just a few series that ended prematurely. Streaming services have also had their share of painful cuts, including Netflix’s. Raising Dion and Hulu’s doll face. (Speaking of Netflix, it’s currently leading the pack with 10 shows completed so far this year, including Steve Carell’s choppy comedy. space force and historical drama The Last Kingdom.)

REMARK: Our list makes not include a) shows that were canceled this year but aired their final episodes in 2021 or earlier (Fox’s The big jumpfor example), or b) shows that announced a final season this year but won’t end until 2023 or later (like The CW’s Riverdale).

Scroll through the photos below to reflect on this year’s Swan Songs so far – which we’ll continue to update as 2022 progresses – then hit the comments with the show(s). who you will miss the most.

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