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Karamo brings her enthusiastic, charismatic and fresh voice to the day TV. broadcast on stations at the top markets through country.

The New talk show created today and take the best elements of day drama using by Karamo unique personal journey and his innate ability to link.

The show will authentically address a wide range of topics including infidelity, race, parenting and complex family dynamics. At a time linear and digital, KaramoThe new voice of has broad appeal where conflict meets compassionbecause he gives wise and sincere advice to each of his guests.

Karamo” has a studio public which is an integral part of the To display. Of a scandalous public opinions to probing questions for gueststheir participation provides a high– energy layer of narration. And get ready for the new and exciting section”Unlock my phone.

Here’s what we can expect from the rest of First week;


Karamo looks at an issue that impacts our culture…body shaming!

Shawntel is fed up with his ex-friend Christian shaming him on social media! Christian says Shawntel can’t handle his brutal honesty, but is he going too far with his tough love? Afterwards, sisters-in-law Karla and Shaylee are no longer on good terms. Karla is married to Shaylee’s brother, Jeremy, and doesn’t believe she was ever accepted by her. Why? Karla thinks Shaylee has weight issues among other things. But Shaylee says she has no problem with Karla and would never hurt anyone’s feelings when it comes to her body. Don’t miss Karamo and Lizzo’s dancers review today!


Brianna met her boyfriend Taylor when she was just 18 and fell in love with him instantly! Within months, she caught him in bed with another woman! Brianna wants to try to make things work for her and their two children. But Taylor insists he wasn’t ready to have a relationship and did so under pressure. Additionally, Reeana and her husband, Everett have been together for 9 years and have a son. The couple separated for about six months, but Reanna wants to save her marriage. However, Everett isn’t sure he wants to stay married to Reanna. Discover the rest for these couples in crisis on Karamo!

(Thursday) 09/22/22 – MOM AND DAUGHTER IN DISTRESS

Kaleb claims to be caught between his cousin, De’Asia and his girlfriend, Ta’Laiya. Why? Ta’Laiya and De’Asia have been friends since 7th grade and stopped talking because of a damaged wig. De’Asia wants to rekindle their friendship but doesn’t believe she is responsible for the damage to the wig. Kaleb wants this wig standoff to end. Next, Latrice is a mother and grandmother who believes the reckless behavior of her daughter, Kyeshi, is tearing her family apart! See if reconciliation is on the table for this mother and daughter on Karamo!


On Friday’s episode, Karamo explores the joys and challenges that come with being a member of the LGBTQ community. Don’t miss this thought-provoking discussion, plus rebound queen Big Freedia joins the set to discuss her personal journey growing up in New Orleans on today’s Karamo!

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