The real reason these TV shows were canceled in 2022

Robert Langdon is a world-renowned symbolist, the go-to expert on finding clues in ancient artwork and historical artifacts to uncover far-reaching conspiracies and solve mysteries. He’s the hero of several bestselling novels by Dan Brown, as well as “The Lost Symbol,” a 2020 Peacock original starring Ashley Zukerman as the brilliant Langdon.

The streaming TV adaptation of “The Lost Symbol” is essentially the only Robert Langdon play not to be recorded as a huge hit. Brown’s original novels were all massive bestsellers, and three big-screen adaptations starring Tom Hanks (“The Da Vinci Code,” “Angels and Demons,” “Inferno”) earned a worldwide box office of over $1.4 billion. But each film has done less than the last, and the last released in theaters more than five years before “The Lost Symbol” debuted on Peacock, so perhaps Robert Langdon’s solving historical mysteries is a fad. whose time has passed.

In January 2022, according to VarietyPeacock canceled “The Lost Symbol,” with a source close to the show reporting that the streamer and producers believe they told a full story with its one season, retroactively turning the continuing show into a limited series.

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