The Mel Robbins Show: Canceled; No season two for the Daytime Talk Show – canceled + renewed TV shows



The Mel Robbins Show will not return next fall. The daytime talk show has been canceled. The series will end its one and only season, however, so viewers can continue watching the series until then.

Sony Pictures TV has stated the following about the cancellation of The Mel Robbins Show:

“The Mel Robbins Show will continue production as planned and will feature original episodes for the entire season, but it will not return for season two. Mel has had a positive impact on millions of viewers during the day and we still strongly believe in her. message and their work We are proud of the show and the talented team and thank our partners and the Nexstar launch group, as well as our advertisers and sponsors, for their outstanding support.

Robbins also has his own words to share on the decision to end the series after one season, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

“It was a privilege to have a platform on TV to fight for ordinary people. I am so proud of the show we created because it serves as a lifeline and daily resource for viewers who are struggling and wanting more from their lives. I end every show by saying, ‘I believe in you and your ability to change’, and with or without this show, I really mean it.

This fall, shows starring Drew Barrymore and Nick Cannon will join the ranks of daytime talk shows.

What do you think? Look at you The Mel Robbins Show? Are you sad the show was canceled?


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