The 10 best speeches and rants on the show, according to Reddit

Seth MacFarlane recently revealed how he ended up on Gilmore Girls, proving that the series lives on in the consciousness of fans from the original series through the reboot. The new iteration of Amy Sherman-Palladino Gilmore Girls has won over a new generation of fans since its debut on Netflix in 2016. Gilmore Girls is a gripping tale of mother-daughter duo Lorelai and Rory chasing their dreams. The show‘s story dives deep into building and maintaining relationships, living in a tight-knit community, expensive schools, and complicated romances.

Gilmore Girls the characters, as fans and more specifically, Redditors know them, are expressive and open. Reddit users are not only amazed by the up-to-the-minute mother-daughter duo, but also love the show’s no-holds-barred talk and amusing rants.


Taylor’s tribute

Split image showing Rory and Lorelai Gilmore standing in the rain and Taylor speaking into the microphone in Gilmore Girls

In the series finale, “Bon Voyage”, Rory takes a job after Senator Barack Obama’s election campaign. The whole town of Stars Hollow throws him a surprise graduation/bon voyage party where Taylor Doose gives a fun toast in his honor. Her speech happens to be Redditor sackettonline’s favorite and they write, “…Taylor’s farewell speech to Rory had me laughing out loud.”

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Taylor’s tribute is a testament to the love he and the townspeople share for Rory. Although he uses bizarre childbirth metaphors to describe coming of age, he really means that the whole town helped raise Rory. His homage is surreal and the perfect token of Stars Hollow farewell.

Luke’s Jam Hands Rant

A split image showing Luke talking to Lorelai in Gilmore Girls

Luke’s decision to take on his spoiler nephew, Jess, in “Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy,” leads to an epic “Jam Hands” rant, which Redditor crittab describes as “…the most precise never said about children.

Luke sincerely decides to be there for Jess every step of the way, which initially includes snubbing Lorelai’s advice. However, things take a brutal turn when Taylor accuses the 17-year-old of theft. Luke confronts Jess and pushes him into a lake following a heated argument. Afterwards, he knocks on Lorelai’s door to admit that she was right. Besides being one of the funniest scenes with a main character on Gilmore Girls, the “Jam Hands rant” shows that Luke is just nervous about being a father figure to Jess and doesn’t want to mess up his homework. This rant establishes him as an incredibly generous character with an exceptional wit.

Luke’s constant reminders

Lorelai Rory and Luke chatting at her restaurant in Gilmore Girls

Luke and Lorelai’s camaraderie is established in the pilot episode. She bothers him about coffee during the day, and later orders two plates of burgers and fries for her and Rory. Recalling Luke’s remark about red meat from the pilot episode, Redditor 1autumnleaf1 says, “All of Luke’s odd rants are the best.”

Luke cares for Lorelai to the point that he actually refuses to refill her coffee cup and rightly reminds her that eating too much red meat can pose health risks. Even though he regularly sells her junk food, his words demonstrate that he is a conscientious business owner. This short rant is just the start of the many healthy eating reminders and wise remarks from Luke that truly prove he was the smartest character on Gilmore Girls.

Rory’s apology

Rory and Lorelai hug each other in Gilmore Girls

In “Lorelai’s Graduation Day”, Rory cuts school to see Jess in New York and ends up missing her mother’s graduation. She feels guilty and finds all the ways she can be disciplined while waiting for her mother on the porch.

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Rory goes on about how she’s a bad kid who deserves to be punished for bad behavior. Redditor should write right now love Rory’s infuriating hike, and they say, “Rory apologizing for missing Lorelai’s graduation for about 10 minutes and ending with ‘I’m so sorry,’ to which Lorelai simply responds “Really? Because you weren’t clear “is the best in the series.” They’re 100% right because Rory’s truthfulness and admission of guilt melts the tension off Lorelai’s face and leads them to share a warm mother-daughter embrace.

Rory’s farewell speech

Split image of Rory giving her graduation speech and Sookie and Lorelai crying in Gilmore Girls

At the end of her senior year at Chilton, Rory is chosen to be valedictorian and thus gets the honor of the valedictorian graduation speech. Redditor female_gazing09 simply states, “…Rory Chilton’s graduation speech” from “Those Are Strings, Pinocchio” is the best of the series.

Rory keeps her speech short and sweet and doesn’t forget to thank everyone, from the Charleston manager to her grandparents. She owes the greatest thanks to her mother for filling their home with books, music and laughter. Her speech is touching as it focuses on the whole village theme of raising a child and brings everyone to tears, including the toughest person, Luke.

Rory expresses his jealousy

Split image of Bobbi Rory and Logan in a restaurant and Rory and Logan walking in Gilmore Girls

In “The Great Stink”, Rory feels uneasy when she learns that Logan’s sidekick, Bobby, is not a man, as she had assumed, but actually a beautiful, capable woman. . Her jealousy is mainly driven by the fact that she and Logan live far from each other. As difficult as the confession is, she doesn’t hide her feelings but communicates them well to Logan.

Redditor procrastin8or951 admires Rory’s honesty correctly remarking, “I appreciated the maturity of her realizing the feelings were unfounded, not blaming Logan for them…” Their choice is remarkable as Rory handles it soundly his thoughts and feelings and serves himself well by opening up instead of repressing himself.

The Lorelai Character Benchmark

Lorelai Rory and Gigi sitting around a table in Gilmore Girls

When Rory asks Lorelai to put pen to paper and write Luke a solid character reference, Lorelai wanders over the confused headspace she’s in.

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Affectionately noted by Redditor xbofax as “hockey puck, rattlesnake, monkey, ape, underpants,” the rant is proof of just how incredibly fast Lorelai Gilmore talks. It’s found in “Santa’s Secret Stuff,” and more than most serves as a clue to Lorelai’s love for Luke and desire to do the right thing for him.

Rory’s Chilton Collapse

Rory shouting about Paris and Tristin in Gilmore Girls

One of the most epic collapses of Gilmore Girls was when Rory went off on Paris and Tristin in “The Deer Hunters.” It’s Redditor m100lk’s favorite, and they write, “When Rory goes all out on Paris and Tristan during Shakespeare’s exam.”

While Rory’s meltdown is extremely untimely, it’s certainly a long time coming. It’s a deeply visceral response to suddenly being placed in a difficult environment among pretentious children. Paris and Tristin need to be called out for their rude behavior. Rory does the right thing by putting Paris in her place and demanding that Tristin call her by her real name.

Luke’s wry humor

Lorelai Luke and Rory chatting at Gilmore Girls restaurant

Reddit user 1autumnleaf1 says, “All of Luke’s crazy rants are the best…” and Redditor sackettonline calls back his “Dead cow, dead cow” in response. Luke’s ironic, anti-consumer statements, chiding the Gilmores for their eating habits, etc. show how self-aware he is and how much he hated serving a high school student unhealthy food.

This one in particular is found in “One’s Got Class and the Other One Dyes” and while it might not be among Luke’s funniest quotes on Gilmore Girlsit certainly helps establish it as the series’ vehicle for dry, tongue-in-cheek humor.

Lorelai wants more

Lorelai talks to Luke while having dinner at Gilmore Girls

Redditor Essie-j says they “love Lorelai’s ‘full’ speech from ‘Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days.’ Their choice is an easy favorite as Lorelai says what has always been her heart’s desire and that too in the most passionate way.

It’s late at night when Lorelai walks into Luke’s house to share her feelings about Christopher and his girlfriend having a baby. She admits her fears and recognizes her flaws as a human being. It’s also fascinating as Luke comforts Lorelai without saying much, proving he’s her safe space in a town full of loving people.

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