‘Tamron Hall’ daytime talk show renewed until 2024 | News

Tamron Hall and its daytime talk show under the same name has been renewed for two seasons through 2024.

The nationally broadcast show which is produced by ABC News is produced by Hall and Quiana burnsaccording to Deadline. It is currently in the middle of its third season.

Hall, who is a former local and national TV news personality, debuted on her show in 2019 and was also crowned with a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Informational Talk Show Host.

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“I’m so lucky to have such great partners, from ABC to all of our stations across the country, and an amazing team that all support the spirit of the show,” Hall said. “We wouldn’t have our success without our loyal following.”

Hall also shared news of the renewal in an Instagram video alongside his son, Moses.

“Thank you so much TamFam! It’s amazing,” Hall said.

Tamron Hall airs in New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Raleigh-Durham and Fresno.

The talk show host recently launched a new series of books. wicked watch is the first episode and follows a black Chicago journalist who is asked to cover the violent deaths of black women and who believes she has discovered a serial killer on the loose in her new town.

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