Tamron Hall celebrates the 500th episode of a daytime talk show

Tamron Hall celebrated its show’s 500th episode on Thursday, and the milestone comes shortly after the show was nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards.

The total in the Outstanding Informative Talk Show category includes a nod for the host.

The moment seemed all the more significant given that Hall earned his best ratings of the season in recent weeks with his “Tam Fam” reaching more than a million people daily.

For the star, it’s a real proof of concept.

“Five hundred episodes, three seasons, and then you see that by word of mouth, Tam Fam members are telling people, ‘You’re missing out if you don’t watch,'” she said.

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Hall returned to the future for her 500th show, welcoming Kim Fields, who rose to prominence in “The Facts of Life” in the 1980s, and Arsenio Hall, who Hall says had inspired her when he hosted his own talk show in the 1990s.

To some extent, his life was remarkable.

She was born poor in Texas, the daughter of a teenage mother who inspired and pushed her.

“‘You can do it. You can be anything you want to be,'” she said, her mother used to tell her. “And here I am, here.

Her show launched in the fall of 2019, and she survived and thrived despite obstacles like the pandemic.

“The bumps are real,” she said. “But if you focus on the bump, you don’t see the road ahead, and I’m looking at the road ahead.”

Its progress hasn’t always been smooth, but that’s part of the show’s appeal – and now, its legacy.

“We provided a seat at the table for everyone,” she said. “I want everyone to know that you are not alone, and this hour that you spend with me, I want you to always remember.”

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In the final minutes of her 500th show, Hall paid special thanks to her husband, Steve, who was in the audience to help her celebrate.

We are far from the pandemic, when she was doing the show from home with her husband as cameraman.

Now Hall is back in the big studio and eyeing the next 200 shows.

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