Soap fans should binge watch: Bridgerton, Truth About Pam, Inventing Anna

Television is in its golden age where there is so much thrown at us that it can be difficult to sort out what to watch. We’ve got primetime and streaming shows for you to check out that have all the dramatic appeal of our daytime favorites. From family drama to addictive true crime stories that have us all addicted, these are the shows worth consuming. Heck, we’re even throwing in a reality entry, for those so inclined.

Some of the series are ready for you to dive into now – think The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Invent Anna — while others have us salivating at their upcoming premieres – hello, Bridgerton Season 2 and The thing about Pam. No matter what you fancy, you’ll find something on this list that’s sure to please!


Even if you’re not a fan of vintage pieces, Bridgerton delivers a true family drama filled with wealth, betrayal, lust – and lots of beautiful people. The first season followed Daphne Bridgerton making her debut in the Regency London wedding market and that’s where the dashing and dastardly Duke of Hastings comes into the picture. Buzz the first season now on Netflix before the second season arrives on March 25.

The thing about Pam

For true crime fans, you’ll be very familiar with this iconic Deadline tale. The story revolves around the 2011 murder of Betsy Faria and her husband’s insistence that he did not kill his wife. After Russ Faria’s conviction was overturned, all eyes finally turned to her friend, Pam Hupp, who was way more twisted than anyone ever imagined. Renée Zellweger plays Pam, so expect a delightfully delightful performance in this dark comedy. The series debuts on NBC on March 8 and will also air on peacock.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Amy Sherman-Palladino, who created Gilmore Girls, features another quick-witted joke show that follows a housewife living out her comedy dreams in the late 1950s. Besides her acting skills, Miriam “Midge” Maisel has a way of turning easy situations into very complicated situations. Besides the gorgeous hair and wardrobe, this colorful series has a lot of heart. The fourth season just debuted February 18 on Amazon Prime Video, so watch to see where Midge lands next.

Love is blind

Sometimes you just need to watch other people’s real-life drama, and that’s exactly where Love is blind fits in. The first season of the reality show was a monster hit for Netflix – and the second season is proving to be another major hit. The dating show isolates singles where they get to know each other for their personality, not their looks – and marriage is offered, in plain sight. Find out which couples are coming down the aisle this season as the last episodes return drops February 25.

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The stall

Amanda Seyfried (Joni, All my children) takes on the complicated persona of Elizabeth Holmes, the deep-voiced, black-turtleneck biotech executive whose company, Theranos, fooled all of Silicon Valley. She is now charged with criminal fraud, but how did her deception get this far? Hulu hopes to respond this question in this 10-episode limited series currently airing.

Promised land

Yes, this strong family drama exploring the heart and history of a complicated Latinx family in the middle of California’s wine country was ripped off by ABC. But the rest of the season unfolds stumbled upon Hulu and its creator still hopes that it will find a large enough audience to merit a renewal. With a stunning backdrop of vineyards, the wealthy clan seems to have it all, but the series delves deep into the financial, criminal and relationship secrets that have thrived in the family for decades. ScandalBellamy Young takes another wicked turn at bat as a local hotelier who shares a complicated past with the Sandovals.

Pieces of her

Toni Collette stars in this upcoming Netflix thriller that finds her character, Andrea, witnessing her mother deal with a shocking situation unfolding at the local restaurant. This moment changes everything in Andrea’s life and she must now find out who her mother is while worrying for her own safety. But can she survive the entire eight-episode series?

Invent Anna

Shonda Rhimes picks up the compelling story of Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey), who swindled New York’s financiers and socialites out of $275,000 by posing as an heiress. It ultimately led to his arrest and criminal trial, but Julia Garner’s performance as Anna is compelling – and that accent she utters is controversial. The nine-episode series is — which cheekily reminds us that it’s all true… except for the parts that are made up — is now streaming on Netflix.

Romeo and Juliet killers

This film is based on a true story about a rebellious teenager and her older boyfriend. When her mother tries to come between the young lovers, things take a tragic turn in their gated California community. Old Passions star Lindsay Hartley (Theresa) directs while Kelly Sullivan (ex-Sage, Young and restless; ex Connie, general hospital), who plays the role of the mother who seems unable to stop fate from wreaking havoc on everyone involved. The film can be found on the Tubi streaming service.

What show are you going to watch? Don’t miss all the trailers above. Then check out the gallery below where we rank the daytimers – current and former – that have found the most success in prime time.

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