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“You’re The Worst” is a show that hammers home that no matter how cynical or hard-wired we may be against romance, the allure of the cliché and the sap is there on your face when you meet someone with whom. You hear yourself. Over five seasons, that’s minus one “will / won’t they?” and more than one “should they?” as it follows Jimmy (Chris Geere), a caustic British novelist, and Gretchen (Aya Cash), a selfish publicist from Los Angeles. It captures the kaleidoscopic and brunch-obsessed feeling of LA timelessness as well as “How I Met Your Mother” conveyed what it’s like to pop into bars in downtown New York, and its misanthropy gives way. finally the place to a very “HIMYM” softness, here and there.

“You’re The Worst” told a realistic and compelling story of relationship dysfunction while taking the time to dig deeper into issues that may be lurking, with episodes highlighting clinical depression, therapy, and PTSD throughout. his race. Over the past season, to reveal nothing, creator Stephen Falk uses strategic flashforwards to ask questions about how “happily forever” these complicated people can actually live, expertly using the expectations that shows like “How I Met Your Mother” have conditioned us to reveal surprising answers.


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