Robin Thicke grills Nick Cannon on host’s daytime talk show

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Robin Thicke grilled Nick Cannon on the Today Show The Nick Cannon Show. The singer stopped by to visit his Mask Singer co-star to talk about new music, the hit competition show and past marriages. Thicke used her time on the show to also tease fans with an a cappella performance of her new single “Day One Friend.”

Cannon welcomed his “brother” much to the delight of cheering fans. The two got straight into a competition trying to decide who had the best style to sit on. The Masked Singer host has garnered rave reviews for her fashion choices on her hit daytime talk show. As so many of his guests point out, Thicke’s attention went straight to Cannon’s visible shoe collection.

The “Lost Without U” singer visited The Nick Cannon Show to discuss his new single “Day One Friend”. The song will be streamed this Friday. Thicke says he wrote the song, which features rapper Rapsody, as a tribute to his mentor and best friend Andre Harrell. Music fans remember Harrell as a popular music manager who passed away in 2020.

Thicke says the song evokes feelings of loneliness and links it to Cannon’s single “Alone.” Cannon recently made headlines for his ex-wife Mariah Carey on the song. When the host asks what makes a good love song, Thicke tells him it has to come from the heart.

“That’s what I was trying to do on the record I just released,” Cannon said. “I think everyone thought that was the song to get Mariah back.”

Cannon used the time to clear up any misconceptions people might have about his intentions.

Robin Thicke’s friendship with Nick Cannon

Thicke and Cannon worked together on The Masked Singer since the premiere of the show. The two are also co-stars on Hollywood’s Real Husbands, which has just been relaunched on Bet Plus. Having such a strong bond allows the two friends to sometimes ask hard-hitting questions.

During a match on the show, Thicke put Cannon on the spot and asked him which of his three shows paid him the most. The singer didn’t stop there, he also asked Cannon if he was making good use of the condom vending machine that Kevin Hart sent him as a prank. Cannon struggled to answer both questions.

Fans can see Thicke and Cannon reunite when The Masked Singer returns on March 9. When discussing the show, the two admit that they are family and can’t wait for viewers to watch the wild new season.

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