Nick Cannon on New Daytime Talk Show Launch: “This is a Community Show”

Through Brent Furdyk.

Sep 18, 2021 10:39 AM

Nick Cannon will expand his reach with the launch of his own syndicated daytime talk show.

Released later this month, “Nick Cannon” will be recorded at Harlem, New York, and is described as bringing Cannon’s “fresh, funny and unique perspective to the day,” a “fun, inspiring, upbeat, energetic and unpredictable hour of comedy-driven entertainment [that] will feature the best of pop culture, celebrity interviews, musical performances, and people with incredible stories and talents to share.

Cannon spoke to the media in an interview with Zoom on Friday and explained what viewers can expect from his latest project.

“It will be a big surprise every day,” Cannon said. “My intro is going to be different every day.”

Considering all the other plans the “Masked Singer” host has in mind, Cannon has stated that he takes care of himself physically and is prepared to face the grueling demands of a five-day show. per week. “I’m ready for this – I’m in good shape for the fight,” he said. “It’s not an easy task, considering all the other things I have to do, so I really want to be prepared, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

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Overall, he admitted, “I feel good, I feel dynamic, I feel optimistic.”

Cannon also insisted that nerves weren’t a factor. “I’m not getting nervous,” he said. “The only time I get nervous is when I’m unprepared.”

As he explained, he’s far from prepared for the launch of “Nick Cannon”, explaining his practical tendencies to oversee all aspects of production, “from music to wardrobe to lighting. , I pay special attention to details. “

Asked what types of guests he wants to host, Cannon revealed he’s looking to provide viewers with surprises. “The guests on this show are just people who fascinate me… I took a page from some of the great talk shows that came before me,” he said. “The best interviews are those opportunities where you can present your audience with new ideas, new people, new fascinations. “

Another aspect that makes the show different is that it will be recorded in a studio in Harlem – which he said has never been done before.

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“It is a divine privilege to be in Harlem,” he said. “It’s a community show that really comes from the community… there have been a lot of shows that have come to you from Hollywood, downtown, downtown, but there never are. had one that came to you from upscale neighborhoods. “

His main focus for the show, he explained, is “honestly, to do it my way. I’ve accomplished everything I ever wanted to do in the entertainment business, and now it’s like I can just take my jacket off a bit and offer my platform to others. I am in this space of my life where it is about giving others opportunities. I don’t need or want to be the best actor, musician, or comedian – I do all of these things, and I do them because I love them – but now I really want to be the best lead, I want to be the best provider and storyteller and this is the perfect platform for it. “

“Nick Cannon” debuts Monday, September 27.

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