Lisa Rinna serves ‘Daytime Talk Show Realness’ in new pic



Lisa Rinna is the queen of the day again. 57 year old man Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the star posted a glam new look on Instagram. It comes after she dresses up as “Election Barbie”. The outspoken TV personality showed off her latest look while banking.

Rinna showed off her signature hairstyle. But this time around, she added more blonde highlights to her hair. She also wore a lot of makeup as part of her Rinna Beauty ad campaign. Her new look featured smoky eyeshadow and nude lipstick.

In the new post, she said she exudes “the reality of daytime talk shows.” Read on to find out more.

Lisa Rinna posts new selfie on social media

The RHOBH star put his best face forward. On Friday, November 6, Lisa Rinna unveiled her latest look on Instagram. In the photo, she was wearing full makeup, gold hoops and a black one-shoulder top. His signature pout was also on display.

The old one Days of our lives star just posted the photo a few days after the election. While promoting Rinna Beauty, she remarked that she served “reality”. In the caption, Rinna joked, “She’s serving the reality of the daytime talk show. Promoting beauty Rinna! #Shuffle.”

In September, Rinna announced that she was expanding her empire with her own line of cosmetics. Of course, the Bravo star is known for his signature pout. So, she carefully selected special lipsticks and pencils that her followers can use to create their own pouty looks. However, the announcement was greeted by those calling for a boycott of her makeup line.

The trolls immediately went to Rinna’s comments section. They begged her subscribers to cancel Lisa Rinna in 2020. “@lisarinna is boycotting all of her products. Don’t stand bullying. Please help us,” one subscriber wrote. not your pretty soul, ”another user added.

[Photo from Lisa Rinna on Instagram]

Rinna is used to hate. She doesn’t let him get to her. The fashion designer is too focused on the controversy to answer it. Instead, she actively promotes Rinna Beauty on Instagram. She also shared some behind-the-scenes videos from her campaign.

RHOBH the star dresses as “Electoral Barbie”

On Tuesday, November 3, also known as Election Day, Lisa Rinna took to Instagram to show off her latest glam look. She was wearing a black sequined jumpsuit with side stripes. Rinna also rocked a stylish long ponytail adorned with “VOTE” hair clips. These are the same hair clips that Dorit Kemsley wore in her glamorous item on Election Day.

lisa rinna instagram
[From Lisa Rinna on Instagram]

In the caption, Rinna wrote: “We call it Election Barbie #everyvotecounts.” His photo has received over 55,000 likes. However, some fans had to do a double take. Some of them thought it was Dorit in the photo. It’s clear that Rinna was inspired by Dorit’s glamorous looks.

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