Letter: Republicans Should Show What They’ve Accomplished

President Joe Biden’s new US law, the Inflation Reduction Act, prompted Honda to proceed with battery factories. The Chip Factory Act passed by the Democrats will manufacture computer chips in America.

Gov. Mike DeWine’s Job Protection, on the other hand, has asked GM, Harley Davidson, AT&T to stay, with all jobs gone. Three courts and the voters have twice ruled that there should be no gerrymandering. Then they raised sales taxes, starting with gasoline and take-out food.

US Representative Jim Jordan gave his job description in interviews: He just sits on the balcony, watches the show on the floor without legislating. He protects Second Amendment rights that are already protected in the amendment, and he rides a stationary bike. What is his salary and benefits?

JD Vance should return to California.

Debates are needed, period.

Susan Ebbeskotte


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