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Karrueche was styled and profiled in Hollywood for years before becoming an actress and one of today’s fashion models. The 34-year-old model started out as a personal shopper for numerous celebrities, with clients ranging from Logic at Ugo Mozie.

The actress continued to build her acting resume, landing three Daytime Emmy Awards wins for the production of a web series entitled The Bay, in which she also starred. Only when she synced with Niece Nash to share the screen in her breakout role as Virginia Loc on Claws and now return to the Peacock original Bel-Air playing Hilary’s friend, Ivy.

The star is now returning to her fashion roots in her new project Upcycle Nation, which is a reinvented and repurposed fashion contest featuring budding designers from across the country who must transform previously discarded items into one-of-a-kind garments. The former stylist hosts the series, with Peder Cho (viral innovator and upcycling pioneer) and Jerome LaMaar (Creative Director for Beyonce, Kimora Lee Simmonsand others) sitting as judges.

In a fashionable conversation, Karrueche chats with BET.com on its hosting functions on Upcycle Nation and shares the acting skills she learned from Niecy Nash.

Before we dive into the loaded commentary, we started the conversation off by simply asking how the actress was feeling at the time, what she enjoyed and shared, she’s never often asked that question.

“I’m fine and I love that you ask that by the way because I feel like they don’t ask me during interviews,” the actress said.

“Life is good. It’s busy but slow at the same time, but good things are happening. I was at the wakanda forever premiere, and it was amazing. The movie is so good. There are so many juicy bits. Wait to see it.

As we pivoted from our excitement about the next Black Panther sequel, she went on and told BET.com what makes her new fashion contest UpCycle Nation innovative.

“There is no other fashion contest based on reuse and recycling, she said.

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“There are a lot of upcycles in the world like Peter Cho, who is a judge on the show. The best part of the show is that we’re educating people and saving the planet. People don’t realize the effects of fashion and its waste on our planet – a lot of these old fabrics and pieces are thrown into landfills affecting our world I can even talk a lot about fast fashion, which I love because it’s affordable for girls who can’t afford designer items – growing up I couldn’t afford Gucci, Bottega Vanetta or those luxury pieces, so as long as we have those brands that can deliver some of those looks, they’re producing at a pace so fast it’s killing our planet. With UpCycle, it’s creative and it’s fun to watch.

There are so many fashion icons among us right now, and the actress has shared her favorite from then and now.

“At the time, I think of Cher, Madonna and Diana Ross — the divas,” she said.

“I would also go back to the 90s when we had Destiny’s Child and TLC. Now we have Zendaya, Marsai Martin and Solange, which is one of my favorites. There are so many.”

All the girls mentioned continue to stick around and get a piece like Karrueche herself. So how does she balance all of this? The producer says BET.com it’s about prioritizing.

“I would say balance — a bit of prioritization with work first and everything else will follow in places like working out, massages and cooking, she said.

“Sometimes I stay in bed all day when I have nothing to do. We have to listen to our body. These days there’s a thought process where we have to work, and if you don’t create or produce, you’re ‘failing’ or ‘not being productive’, which is physically and mentally draining. When we are allowed to sit around the house and watch TV, let’s take advantage of those times because it can be difficult – it’s important for us to listen to what our minds and bodies are telling us.

The Bel-Air the actress pivots in our conversation and shares how she would like to pull pieces of Tracee Ellis Ross‘ closet if she had to start her personal purchases again.

“She’s bodied, androgynous, and all things like her mama,” she laughed.

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“She creates moments with hair and glamor – it’s beautiful. I’d love to see what her closet looks like. I know it’s fabulous.

While waiting for Tracee’s closet invite, we peek into Karruche’s closet and she lets BET.com know that this fashion season is all about denim.

“Denim is top notch, and it’s everywhere,” she said.

“I wore a few denim pieces. Sami Miro released a denim collection in which she recycled a few pieces using Levi’s denim scraps. Hudson and Zoe Castello also collaborated with an all-denim line. Mix and match denim, and it’s cool because it can be a day or night look.

Niece Nash has been a hot topic lately for his performance in Dahmer, and social media is already getting buzz in the Academy’s ears to nominate the actress for an Emmy.

Karrueche allows BET.com find out about their work experience with Reno: 911 star and an acting strength she learned from the veteran.

“Working with Niecy is so much fun,” says Tran.

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“She’s such a character – what you see on TV is what you get. She can be a mother, big sister, or housewife. We had so much fun shooting Claws and it was a blessing to work alongside him and with the cast as Carrie Preston and Harold Perrineau. I remember just before Niecy started filming the show, she was shooting Scream Queens and I remember she left the set at midnight and had to be somewhere else at 7am. Her bustle was different but I always kept that in mind – Miss Mamas works hard and if she gets by I can’t complain because that’s life. If you want to be great and be on the level, you have to put in the work and go all the way. She’s one of the hardest working women out there – she kills it.

Before leaving the Daytime Emmy Awards the recipient leaves the chat, BET.com had to get the scoop on Bel-Air and the antics her character Ivy gets into for season two.

“Ivy is getting a little spicy this season,” she revealed.

“We are still filming and we are almost halfway through filming the episodes. She’s got her business and she does it – she’s like one of those Instagram girls who walks around in her Bottega Vanetta [laughs]. She’ll mind her own business, which is good, but it can be a little shady since she puts herself first – you’ll see [laughs].

She then ends the conversation with a beauty tip for everyone to “dress for you” and your body type. The Bel-Air The actress encourages people to “find out what works for you” and stay “confident” about your appearance.

You can look Upcycle Nation Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FuseTV.

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity

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