How to check the credit of the São Paulo invoice?

A program that returns up to 30% of ICMS collected by merchants to their consumers, Invoice Tolista encourages people and companies that buy goods to require the tax document from the merchant.

The procedure is simple: with each purchase you inform your CPF / CNPJ and request your invoice / coupon or invoice online. After the establishment has collected the ICMS, the Sao Paulo State Treasury Department credits the consumer with the portion of the tax to which he is entitled, which is proportional to the purchase price.

The credit can be used to reduce the value of IPVA debt, to be transferred to the checking account or savings and consumers still compete for cash prizes. Here’s how to check the Tolista invoice credit:


What are the sites to check the credit of the Tolista invoice?

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To verify and use your credits, you will need to generate a password on the Tolista Invoice web page and provide some information b Songs. Be aware that the process happens exclusively over the internet, except in cases where the password is locked for some reason.


Is it necessary to save notes on paper?

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Good news: After registering the tax document in the system of the Sao Paulo invoice it is not necessary to keep the voucher. The safekeeping of the tax document is only necessary to accompany your registration. If the establishment does not perform the electronic registration, the tax document can be used as proof in the formalization of the complaint.


How does the draw work?

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The consumer who asks for the Sao Paulo invoice, in addition to the credits, also competes for cash prizes. The Secretariat of Finance holds monthly prize draws for people who participate in the program. To participate, simply access the system and adhere to the regulation.

For every $ 100 in invoice or tax coupon registered, the consumer will earn an electronic ticket in order to compete for cash prizes. The values ​​of the awards range from $ 10 to $ 50 thousand. In commemorative dates, the biggest prize reaches $ 200 thousand. If contemplated in the draw, you will have the amount of the prize credited in the statement of the Sao Paulo invoice and may request the deposit in the bank with your current account.


How to redeem your Tolista invoice credit?

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The credit of the Sao Paulo invoice is released for use in two periods: April and October. In April, the credits of the second semester of the previous year are released. Already in October the credits of the tax documents of the year itself.

The credit has a term of five years to be used from the date it becomes available. You can access your registration and choose three ways to use your available credits: IPVA payment (October only), your current account deposit or your deposit account. also save on its ownership.