Hollywood, radio, television, movie icon Betty White is gone, at 99

Betty White (photo: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock)

Only 17 days before his 100e birthday, legendary actress BETTY WHITE, star of radio, television and film has passed away. It is reported that she died at her BRENTWOOD, Calif., Home last night (12/30). The cause of death was not disclosed.

Known for her roles in TV commercials and many comedy TV series like “The MARY TYLER MOORE Show“, “The Golden Girls” and “Hot In CLEVELAND”, WHITE has won numerous awards, including an EMMY, and has also had a long career in radio, according to VARIÉTÉ.

“She was also a guest on radio shows such as ‘Blondie’, ‘This Is Your FBI’ and ‘The Great GILDERSLEEVE’ before going into television early on. WHITE, however, made his first screen appearance in the 1945 educational short “Time To Kill”, promoting the benefits of the GI Bill.

VARIETY also said, “She went on to drift into game shows including ‘Speaking the Truth’, ‘I Have a Secret’, ‘Match Game’, ‘Password’ and ‘What’s My Line? “WHITE was also a regular on the nightly” JACK PAAR Show “and the unionized women’s daytime show” Girl Talk. “Meanwhile, she had her own radio show on CBS,” Ask BETTY WHITE “.

For more information on BETTY WHITE’s incredible life and career, click here.

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