Drew Barrymore teases digital series ahead of daytime talk show



July 29 (UPI) – Drew Barrymore teased his new digital series overnight ahead of his daytime talk show premiere on September 14.

Barrymore announced on Instagram that drewbarrymoreshow.com is live ahead of his new nationwide hour-long daytime show.

“It starts now,” she said. “I am truly honored if you take this trip so here we go,” she said in a video attached to the Instagram post.

A special video post on the website also teases digital programming before The Drew Barrymore Show, which starts on Thursday with Drews Movie Nite and an evening of live Twitter surveillance of the 1997 comedy film Good Burger.

Actors Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell “will be set to make the classic hit, as will rock star chef Alvin Cailan, who explains how to make your own great burger at home,” a statement said.

Other shows before the daytime show, will include the Maintenance art, where she will speak to the hosts she admires, like Gayle King, Andy Cohen, Jimmy Fallon, Whoopi Goldberg and Sean Evans, and episodes of Drew’s Cookbook Club, since she said she is a foodie who loves cookbooks.

“All the things we kind of love in life, I really want to experience them on this website,” she said in the Instagram post.

The digital range will also include the The making of the Drew Barrymore show, who will talk about how she put together the daytime talk show she’s been working on for over a year.

“Where were we, what kind of show were we doing in 2019 or thinking about doing?” Barrymore asked in his Instagram video. “This is 2020, the most unprecedented year. How can we meet this moment and turn obstacles into opportunities and really put on a show that I feel is respectful, with take out and smart optimism?”

CBS Television Distribution produces The Drew Barrymore Show, which is filmed in New York. Executive producers include Barrymore, Chris Miller, Ember Truesdell and Jason Kurtz.

4-year-old Drew Barrymore (L) hugs his mother, Ildiko Jaid, as they share a fun time together at their West Hollywood home in December 1978. His father is John Drew Barrymore, son of “Great Profile” John Barrymore. In 1984, the young actress will play Gertie in her role in “ET” Photo by Rich Lipski / UPI | License photo


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