Daytime talk show host throws F-bomb on live TV

The co-host of a beloved talk show faces repercussions after accidentally dropping the F-bomb live. Linda Robson accidentally blurted out obscenity during late October segment Cowardly Women, the popular talk show she is a co-panelist on, when she didn’t realize the cameras were rolling.

The incident happened during the UK talk show episode of Thursday, October 21 as she walked backstage with £ 1million in cash as part of ITV’s cash competition. Unaware that the cameras were rolling and that it was live, Robson said, “They left me in charge of the prize, can you believe it? That’s it. It’s £ 1million here in that cart. . It came straight from the ITV bank account this morning. ” His language got a little more colorful and a lot less suited to television when a confused Robson asked, “How do I watch him?” While Robson did not immediately understand his mistake, his colleague Cowardly Women the panelists did, with gasps quickly heard, prompting Robson to ask, “Is this live?” “

Charlene White quickly apologized on behalf of Robson, telling viewers, “My apologies, my apologies, I would like to apologize for Linda’s language, she knows she’s done wrong! I think Linda forgot that we’re live, Linda would you like to continue and apologize? ” Robson later told viewers, “Sorry for a slight slip of the tongue earlier, I really thought it was a rehearsal.” As viewers took to social media to respond, with many finding the slippage hilarious, Robson’s co-host Andi Peters couldn’t help but have a little fun. Holding some soap, Peters said: “This is some soap that you might want to use afterwards.”

Following his skid, Robson told the Daily Star Online that “the bosses sent an email saying I’m not allowed to swear in the studio at all now.” Although this was “an innocent mistake”, with Robson adding that she was “all shaken up” after the incident and “then I had to get back on the air”, ITV bosses are serious about the rule of no swear, and they came up with a humorous way to help Robson. The Loose Women panelist revealed that her bosses asked her for “a swear pot” to put in money whenever she was caught dropping obscenities on set. Robson hasn’t revealed whether she should have put any money in the pot just yet.

Luckily for Robson, she precluded the opportunity to put any changes in that swear-pot on Wednesday, October 27, like the daily episode of Cowardly Women has been cancelled. Although the show airs weekdays from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. local time, no episodes were broadcast that day. The schedule change was due to Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s unveiling of the fall 2021 budget in the House of Commons that afternoon. The ad was broadcast locally, resulting in some interruptions to regular TV programs, resulting in Cowardly Women forgo a broadcast and cause a UK morning show This morning, which usually airs until 12:30 p.m., ending at 12:15 p.m.

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