Cop Shows SouthCoast Cops Like To Watch

Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid. Crime shows were big hits back then and are still big hits today.

Since Car 54, where are you? for Pickup, Starsky and Hutch, kojak, Cagney and Laceyand Hill Street Bluesto some of today’s favorites, including Bosch, Blue bloodand The equalizerAmerican viewers have a love affair with crime shows.

M. Milner and K. McCord In ‘Adam 12,’ c. 1969.

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So what are some of the best crime shows? I have my own opinion, but I wanted to know which cop liked cops the most, so I asked a few to tell me what they were looking at.

New Bedford Police Chief Paul Oliveira had a few.

“My favorite show was Hill Street Blues”, he said.I saw it growing up with my older siblings.” Oliveira said Fries was another favorite, but “in hindsight it was a bit dramatic with the crash pile-ups, but at the time, who knew?” The chef was also a fan of The Dukes of Hazard and Blue NYPD.

Erik Estrada as Officer Ponch in the television series Chips

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Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson is a big fan of Chicago PD but said that the most realistic detective series is Blue NYPD. Hodgson appreciated 24 thus, “even though it’s not a detective show”. Adam 12 was also a favorite of Hodgson growing up.

Fairhaven Police Lt. Kevin Kobza said his favorite cop show was miami vice “because I’m an 80s kid.” Kobza said Cops is the most realistic cop show “because it shows them responding to different kinds of calls for service, not just hot calls.” He said he stopped watching most cop shows when he became a cop.

Telly Savalas in Kojak

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New Bedford police union president Chris Cotter is a fan of Homicide: life on the streets. Cotter likes Bosch and say Criminal minds “was also very good.” Barney Miller was also a Cotter favorite.

New Bedford Police Union Vice President Sgt. Graciano Pereira also said he had stopped watching crime shows.

“Since I started doing this job, I lost interest in crime shows, he said. Before becoming a policeman, Pereira loved Cops when it first came out, and “long before it was CRUSH in the 70s.”

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New Bedford Police Officer Hank Turgeon said: “When I was a kid, I used to watch Barney Miller, CRUSHand then it was shows like Adam 12 and of course Friesbut my all-time favorite is, without a doubt, Thread.”

Turgeon said Thread “is the closest thing to reality on the streets of New Bedford at the time that anyone could portray.”

Crockett and Tubbs

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sergeant. Paul Manning of the Aquinnah Police Department is another miami vice fan. Maybe it’s because he and Lieutenant Kobza were classmates at the Police Academy. Manning’s least favorite crime show is CRUSH.

Portrait of the cast of “Hill Street Blues”

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So there you have it, straight out of the horse’s mouth. Oh wait, that would be a whole different TV genre – wouldn’t it, Wilbur?

What are some of your favorite crime shows on TV, past or present?

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