CBS touts ‘billions of minutes’ watched, if measured as streaming shows


Inspired by what they call the “alternate numbers” used to tout the performance of streaming shows, CBS – with the tongue stuck a little firmly in the cheek – detailed the Billions on Billions minutes viewed of its broadcasts.

For the uninitiated, some information: Nielsen, for its part, publishes a weekly “American Streaming Rankings” which designates the Top 10 in assorted categories, measured by the total number of minutes of a program watched over a period of time. ‘one week. Netflix, meanwhile, is moving from promoting what I will generously call “reached accounts” (that is, those who have sampled at least two minutes of any series) over from the first 28 days of outing, to the count of total hours viewed on all member accounts.

Jumping on this bandwagon of “billions,” CBS reports that as a network this fall, its programs through the parts of the day racked up 166 billion minutes of line viewing (commercial time). not included), placing it ahead of NBC, ABC and Fox.

Courtesy of CBS

Measuring prime-time programming alone, CBS claims 59 billion minutes watched, about 10 billion more than its closest broadcast competitor.

Using the same streaming style metrics, CBS notes that it has four of the six most popular new series: NCIS: Hawaii (with 3.5 billion minutes viewed), FBI: international (3.10 billion), CSI: Vegas (2.23 billion) and the best new comedy, Ghosts (1.53 billion).

Some of the other highlights shared by CBS:

the FBI The franchise has been viewed for over 10 billion minutes in the first seven weeks of this television season. (FBI leads the way with 3.64 billion minutes, followed by Most Wanted‘s 3.26 billion and International3.10 billion.)

?? NFL on CBS racked up 45 billion minutes this fall, up 2% year-on-year.

?? The late show racked up 4.8 billion minutes, beating its closest competitor by 1.8 billion minutes.

?? The price is right leads all daytime broadcasts with 8.6 billion minutes viewed, while The young and the restless is the o. 1 day drama with 7.8 billion minutes.

Perhaps most entertaining of all (although it is a little more removed from what it is about identity theft), CBS added this information: “Since its premiere on CBS in 2003, the viewers watched over 3.8 trillion minutes from NCIS and all of its spinoffs through broadcasting, cable, streaming and syndication.


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