Best TV Shows of 2021: “Succession”, “Top Chef”, “Mare of Easttown”


Even by the standards of the Choose Your Own Adventure TV landscape, exceptional TV has spread diffusely across the landscape this year – so much so that two Top 10 reviewers only shared three series in common.

Beyond those three consensus shows – HBO Max’s “Hacks”, HBO’s “Succession” and Amazon Prime Video’s “The Underground Railroad” – the best of television is becoming increasingly unruly and far reaching. intriguing. Selections by Variety’Major television reviews have come in the form of pop culture and political documentaries, a scholarly musical series, and a surprisingly sharp teenage comedy, and not one but two food culture series. And even the consensus choices underscore how extremely diffuse the landscape is at the moment: “Hacks,” a raucous character study, couldn’t be more different from “The Underground Railroad,” an author’s take on trauma and death. American tradition, in all but one aspect. : That, given the time and space of the streaming universe, both shows seemed to indicate precisely what their respective creators were looking for.

Both of these shows were new in 2021, as were the No.1 entries on both lists – two relatively under-advertised series that may remain to be unwrapped for many viewers. But other entries were deeply familiar: Amid so much new stuff, surprises, and tons of TV, it’s heartwarming to know that “The Other Two” can sharpen its humor, “Pose” can hold its landing, “Succession Can stay awesome, and that “Top Chef” can pull off new tricks in Season 18. The world of television continues to expand, but the power of great shows to grow and develop gives us hope that the new set of these lists will be able to continue to watch us for years to come.

here is Variety’selections for the best TV shows of 2021. (Click here to switch to Caroline framkelist of.)


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