Best shows to binge on during a snowstorm

Well, we are getting ready to go back to work and school after the long vacation. For many, it’s been weeks since you’ve had a regular schedule. This time of year many take extended vacations for the holidays and of course the kids have come home from school.

However, as we prepare to return to a normal schedule, it looks like it could be anything but a “normal” schedule with the possibility of the first snowstorm ❄️ arriving in Ocean County on Monday.

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We decided to ask YOU what are the BEST shows to binge on during a snowstorm, that way if you end up being home, again come on Monday… you have a few options for watching with your family well in. warm at home on the couch while the snow is falling outside.

Law and order

Several people, including Eric and Dorothy, have recommended Law and Order and Lawn and Order SVU.

Inconvenient jokers

Marion, Nikki, Barbara and I all recommended having a laugh with the guys. I think I saw them all but I stay LOL


Sharon, Bill and Jessica all suggested one of the more popular shows “Yellowstone“with Kevin Costner.

Calm your enthusiasm

John, Emily and more voted for the hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm, another show that is sure to make you LOL


John, Dawn and Tiffany all want to relive the Sopranos, not something for the kids but yes definitely a good frenzy show during a snowfall.

Daddy’s Girls

It was a very sad moment last weekend when we learned that we had lost the iconic Betty Blanche and a good Golden Girls frenzy is something the whole family can enjoy.

The Mandalorian

Many of you are delighted to relive the Disney + series and of course to see Baby Yoda… While you’re at it, maybe start checking out “”Boba Fett’s book“I like this idea myself.

Cobra Kai

Dawn said she will have to be at work, but if she was going to binge during a snowfall it would be Cobra Kai.

These are some of the ideas we have, but we would love to hear more from your suggestions, so post your comments below 👇🏻

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