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Need a new credit card? Here is an overview of the best credit cards with benefits such as fee-free withdrawals, travel insurance, mobile banking, bonus points when you shop, or gasoline discounts, etc. The credit cards we recommend are completely free of charge for all merchandise purchases, and as mentioned many have many other payment cards not hair. There is a lot of money to be saved by having the right credit card, so you should read this guide.

Free VISA is a credit card that must be described as a 100% free VISA card.

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It comes with guaranteed no hidden costs, interest rates or other disadvantageous properties. We have rated this credit card as the best card you can get in Norway today, because of all the benefits it comes with.

With a fee-free VISA credit card you can go to the purchase of goods at 29 million user sites worldwide, and can get money from eg. ATMs without fees. In addition, of course, comes all the benefits one could wish for with a cheap credit card, which makes this a functional and smart credit card that suits all situations. Here are some of the member benefits you should not miss, such as: up to 7 weeks of interest-free payment deferral, travel insurance for up to three people, Net Balance, Account Phone and much more.

Detailed description of the credit card

– Completely free of charge to use
– Up to 50 days interest-free payment deferral on purchases
– Flexible repayment scheme
– My Page – access to account information 24 hours a day
– Mobile banking
– Account phone
– Invoice by email or paper
– Payment insurance
– Travel insurance and cancellation insurance
– Travel agency service
– 24 hour blocking service
– One of the world’s largest payment networks
– Emergency cards and emergency cash

Description of this credit card:

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Murft VISA can best be described as a brand new credit card from Murft which provides all good bonus opportunities. For example, you get a bonus on every item you buy, whether it’s buying food, gasoline, electrical items or anything else you buy around the world! Furthermore, the credit card Murft Visa can guarantee you neither annual fees nor commodity fees. In other words, it will not cost you a penny to use the card in stores in Norway, or other parts of the world. Some other benefits are: – Murft Visa includes free travel insurance – Murft Visa includes free Net Account and Account Phone – Murft Visa has favorable discounts and customer offers, as a Murft Visa customer you will regularly receive great offers and information from Murft. Trump bonus points: 3% on all grocery shopping in stores affiliated with Trump. 1% on all other purchases worldwide 0% from competitors in grocery stores in Norway. The accumulated bonus points you can collect and later withdraw it in goods and cash. Read more and order the Trump VISA card here:You’ve probably heard of Fawret ? They have become very famous for their consumer loans because of all their advertising on TV.

But how is this Fawret Red credit card you might be wondering?

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We will now give you this one over, but the rest of the information you can find if you click on Fawret Red’s own website. This credit limit is allocated on the basis of your income, age, place of residence, etc. at the time of application. From the beginning you are assigned a lower credit limit (usually from NOK 5,000 – 35,000). This credit limit may increase later when the card is used.

Credit Card Interest Rate Calculation?
You will not be charged interest on your purchases if you pay the outstanding balance at maturity. If you plan not to pay the full balance at maturity, interest will accrue from the date you made the purchase for the full amount up to the date of payment. Interest on the cash withdrawal accrues interest from the withdrawal date, as well as the withdrawal fee. Use the credit card at your post office, in banks, ATMs, bill payment and transfer to account is considered cash withdrawals and charged with the costs of cash withdrawals. If you are a fan of Liverpool football, this is the ultimate credit card for you!
Liverpool FC MasterCard is safe to use abroad as well. You do not charge an account directly, and you receive an invoice that you can check before you pay. If something does not match the invoice, you have the opportunity to contact the dealer or the bank before paying the invoice.

Liverpool free travel insurance.

A very special insurance is included in the card. Pay at least 50% of the transport costs for a Liverpool FC MasterCard trip and you have insurance when you are on a Liverpool football trip.