Arceus Live-Action Trailer Shows What Hisuian Growlithe Would Look Like In Real Life

With each generation, more Pokémon are discovered and added to the global Pokedex. In addition to entirely new designs, players have also seen regional forms of Pokémon added to this total roster, providing players with new designs to enjoy classic Pokémon. Among these is a recent live-action trailer for the latest game in the series, Pokemon Legends: Arceusdisplayed exactly what the Hisuian form of Growlithe would like in real life.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes players to a time before the events of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl but still retains most of the gameplay elements from previous games. There are currently three regional forms that Pokemon can take: Alolan, Galarian, and Hisuian. These regional forms rework the original appearance of these Pokémon and are unique to a specific region.


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Released in January this year, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been commercially successful so far and has released a number of trailers detailing its gameplay and features. In this trailer, the premise revolves around a dramatic scene inspired by a soap opera. The scene begins with a woman talking to a stranger off camera, desperately declaring her desire to travel the world with this mysterious character. She travels all over the room with exaggerated movements, throwing her hands above her head and acting as if her passion and emotions are overwhelming. The woman states that she has settled on this unknown character, that she has chosen this character, and that she hopes that they will choose her again. The camera cuts to show that this woman has spoken to a real-life version of the Hisian form of Growlithe.

This unique clip brings one of the Pokedex’s most interesting regional forms to life and through an interesting lens. As Pokemon Legends: Arceus take it Pokemon series in a new direction, this trailer also reimagines what catching a Pokemon looks like. The Hisian form of Growlithe was first introduced in the eighth generation of Pokemon, and this real-life version looks exactly as players probably imagined: with an overwhelming amount of fur.

Pokemon Regional Forms are a great way to add new looks to the game’s Pokedex without having to create new creatures from scratch. It not only allows creators to Pokemon to give a fresh look to designs that have been around for decades, but it also gives players new creatures to hunt down and catch.

Again, regional shapes aren’t exciting for everyone, especially those looking for completely new designs. New looks for older Pokemon may be considered inferior to what some community members are looking for. Anyway, this new trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus brings an interesting version of Growlithe to life for fans to enjoy.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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