Alison Hammond panics as she ‘shows off too much breast’ in swimsuits for this morning’s swim


Alison Hammond jumped into a freezing lake on ITV’s This Morning – but then worried about a serious bikini malfunction.

The hilarious ITV presenter had just taken a dip in frozen Lake Jeris in Lapland during a festive edition of the family day show.

However, when she finally got out of the water after the dive, she started to panic as she thought she was showing her breasts too much.

In a desperate attempt to hide her strengths from the cameras, Alison hastened to adjust her red bikini, shouting, “I’m showing off too much juice!”

Alison was worried about showing her strengths too much after diving in an icy lake

In the clip, Alison’s co-stars Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby stared at her in amazement as she emerged from the water.

Alison was thrilled to have completed the jump and cried out, “Oh my god, I feel amazing! “

She then looked down at his chest and announced, “Oh my god I’m showing a little too much juice!”

alison hammond
Alison said she was “showing too much juice” for the cameras

Phil and Holly were sent into fits of laughter as Alison darted off the cameras saying, “See you later!”

As she went up for the jump, Alison told her team, “I’m just going to go have fun. I love you guys.

She then joked: “Hope I come back!”

Clad in her bathing suit and black dress with “Alison” written on the back, Hammond descended the steps and took the dreaded plunge.

alison hammond
Alison admitted she was “afraid” of the challenge, but took it like a champ

Before the jump, Alison admitted she was “scared” of the challenge on Twitter.

She could then be seen getting ready for the big moment in the following clip on This Morning’s Twitter account.

In the clip, she said, “Alison Hammond is going right into this frozen lake.

“If they can do it, I can do it.”

alison hammond
The presenter took the plunge like a pro

She then promoted the £ 200,000 cash prize that was up for grabs for viewers during the segment before saying, “I’m inspired. Where’s my swimsuit?”

The mom-of-one first joined This Morning in 2003, and has appeared on a handful of reality TV shows such as I’m a Celebrity! and Big Brother.

Never afraid of challenges, she even turned her talents to dance in 2014 when she starred in Strictly.

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