8 Great Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Too often we find ourselves completely immersed in the world of television only to find that the show is going to meet an untimely demise. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, they get picked up by another network to continue the adventure. Others aren’t so lucky, and we wonder with endless possibilities how a cliffhanger could have been resolved.

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The ax usually descends fast and hard. Whether a show is mid-season or on hiatus, the abrupt ending never fails to surprise us, and we can only hope to see our favorite characters again.


‘Terra Nova’

If there’s a way to describe Terra Novais that the sci-fi drama is ironically years ahead of its time. Think jurassic park, only instead of bringing back the dinosaurs; we are ready to travel in time to coexist with them in order to avoid the consequences of global warming.

The series is abruptly cut short after its first season, but there’s still plenty to offer, given the unique nature of the premise. The threat doesn’t just lie with the prehistoric beasts, but with the people of the group as the worst of humanity is brought to light in a bid to make a fresh start.

‘Person of interest’

person of interest has a solid and successful five-year run worth revisiting: the story ends, so we can’t complain too much about losing this one.

However, as the fifth and ultimately final season whittles down its episodes, the final storyline can feel rushed in some areas. It serves as a satisfying climax and answers most of our questions, but at the same time it feels like more could be done with the characters, especially before the finale.


Time travel is never always easy to understand in film and television. The rules can be convoluted; scenarios can get messy; sometimes the show can lose its footing and crumble if timelines start to overlap. Timeless is no exception, in all honesty, but it’s the awkwardness of the plot that makes it so endearing.

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The series sees a team band together to stop an organization from changing history. The premise is entirely predictable but has proven to be a hit with fans and critics alike. Season 2 is where the series picks up and is much stronger than the first: a lot of potential can be seen during the second chapter, with the drama building up before it hits the axe.


Set before Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) entanglement with FBI agent Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) in Thesilenceofthelambs, Mads Mikkelsen adopts the persona of the infamous cannibalistic psychiatrist as he makes an enemy of FBI investigator Will Graham (Hugues Dancy).

The prequel series is highly intelligent, masterfully glorious, and gripping in all its psychological glory. Hannibal is a genuinely chilling and demented serial killer drama that’s as gripping as it is violent. Mikkelsen’s performance takes one of horror’s most important characters to a new level. The series consists of just three seasons, but fans have expressed their passion for finding a new home to continue Hannibal’s journey into chaos to no avail.

“Santa Clarita Diet”

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant star as the unremarkable couple Shelia and Joel Hammond. Their suburban lives are drastically altered when Shelia undergoes a sudden change that leaves her hungry for human flesh and blood. It’s Santa Clarita’s latest fad diet, after all.

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Santa Clarita Dietadopts a single-camera setup with all three seasons consisting of 10 episodes lasting around half an hour. It’s entertainment gold and contains more than enough non-stop comedy and satirical gore, mystery and horror to satisfy your appetite. Every character is beyond adorable, especially Joel, who constantly worries as he adjusts to his wife’s new lifestyle. The series ends with a major cliffhanger in Season 3, leaving fans wondering if the Hammonds will ever find a cure.


Sarah Michelle Gellar tackles double duty as twin sisters Siobhan and Bridget. She does this through glamorous style, biting twists, and seductive mystery that keeps you guessing until the bitter end.

Alarm features a star-studded cast caught in a dangerous web of lies before it all unravels with devastating consequences. Nothing is what it seems, as Bridget realizes when she discovers her sister’s apparent domestic dream is a twisted fabrication of reality.


It almost feels like a tacit agreement between fans and casual viewers that Firefly is a tragic loss for the science fiction genre. The series has it all, from comedy to action to a compelling mischievous lead in the form of Nathan Fillion. Each episode is fun and adventurous with a cast of lovable characters whose shared chemistry allows them to bounce off each other without a hitch.

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The short-lived series has a sequel and a feature-length conclusion in Serenity it provides story expansion and maintains the nature of the show; however, it would be great to see how the group would evolve over the years if more seasons had been ordered. Firefly is the one you can’t help but return to time and time again; The abrupt departure from our screens doesn’t diminish the love fans still have for the sci-fi drama as hopes linger for Fillion to return to the cockpit.


One of the casualties of The CW’s latest frenzy is the revival of the popular ’80s soap opera of the same name. In 2016, Dynasty made a remarkable comeback with elizabeth gillies take on the drama as spoiled aristocratic girl Fallon Carrington.

This is serious drama at its finest. Sure, it’s not the greatest show of all time, and it comes across as very satirical and over the top, but Dynasty barely scratched the surface of its predecessor. It puts a creative spin on older storylines that work by today’s standards.

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