5 Shows Like Bridgerton To Watch After Finishing Season 2

The Netflix original series Bridgerton graced us with its second season, fans are thrilled. But, once you’re done with a rewatch or two, what will you do with your life then? Well, Netflix has several other series that will fill the void in your life.

the Bridgerton The series is based on a series of books written by Julia Quinn which follows the life of the Bridgerton family living in Regency London. The first season focuses on older sister Daphne and her search for a husband. She was very successful as she caught the Duke and became a Duchess.

Season 2 will follow the Viscount, Anthony, as he searches for his bride, but he will proceed a little differently than his sister. The series has been renewed for two more seasons so far, and it is expected that these seasons will follow the books and focus on Benedict and Colin.

Shows to watch if you like Bridgerton

Below are five great series on Netflix that can help you during your Bridgerton hiatus.

Downton Abbey

Six seasons ago Downton Abbey available to stream on Netflix. This series is a historical drama set in the fictional estate of Downton Abbey in Yorkshire.

The story follows an aristocratic family, the Crawleys, and their servants, between the years 1912-1926, roughly 100 years after Bridgerton’s Regency era. Corn, Downton Abbey always presents the lavish lifestyle of aristocrats, parties, fashions and adds stories about the lifestyle of servants.

The crown

The crown is a period drama that focuses on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The series begins in 1947 with her marriage to Philip the Duke of Edinburgh and follows her reign in the 90s in season 4. The final two seasons will take the story into the 21st century.

This series dives deep into the lives of the British Royal Family and provides a glimpse behind the curtain of the Royals that many Americans can’t get enough of.


The series Reign originally aired on The CW from 2013 to 2017. This series is reminiscent of a period soap opera, which is meant as a compliment. The costumes are amazing, keeping with some of the historical fashions but adding more modern elements to keep it fresh.

Set at the end of the 16th century, the story revolves around Mary, Queen of Scots, and her rise to the court of France. The series has been praised for the costumes and acting, but it has been criticized for historical inaccuracies. This seems to be the norm for period pieces but doesn’t take away from fantasy stories.

Castamar’s cook

The drama of the Spanish period, Castamar’s cook was adapted from the novel by Fernando J. Muñez and has one season on Netflix.

Set in Madrid in 1720, during the reign of Philip V, the story follows Clara Belmonte, a woman who, after losing her father, is employed in the kitchen of the Duke of Castamar, a man who mourns the recent loss of his wife pregnant . This series follows their unlikely love story.


The series Versailles has three seasons available to stream on Netflix and is set during the construction of the Palace of Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV.

This series begins when Louis XIV is 29 years old and is confronted with the rebellion of the nobility. He hatches a plan to crush the rebellion by transforming his father’s former hunting lodge at Versailles into a fantasy palace. This brings the nobility back into their good graces, practically trapping them in the palace.

What are you looking at now that you’re done Bridgerton? Share your top picks in the comments below.

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