20 TV Shows That Made A Big Comeback Decades Later | Lifestyles

As humans, we can’t help but feel drawn to nostalgic content. Going back in time and reminiscing about the good old days can put a smile on anyone’s face. Nostalgia comes in all its forms, from fashion trends to music, fine arts and, of course, television.

There have always been TV shows that seek to strike a chord with us by appealing to a fictionalized past (think “Stranger Things”). And 21st century networks have taken viewers’ love of nostalgic content a step further by reviving some of the most iconic television shows of yesteryear.

Some of these series picked up where the original left off while others sped the clock up to the present day, amplifying the nostalgia factor by retaining the same cast members. Others took a different approach, telling the original story through a modernized lens. Then, of course, there are the game shows that don’t tell a story at all – or the anthologies that don’t tell the same story twice – that nonetheless got the reboot treatment.

Like everything, some of these revivals absolutely worked, while others…not so much. Stacker compiled a list of 20 TV shows that made major comebacks decades later using various sources and databases. To make this list, the reboot had to air at least 20 years after the original’s final episode aired. Let the nostalgia begin.

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