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The first season of Showtime anthology series Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber features an incredibly effective cast of seasoned stars who apply the same degree of skill to this project as they do to the films and shows that established their reputations.

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While Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Uma Thurman are the most recognized actors, co-stars such as Kyle Chandler and Kerry Bishé wow viewers with their strong commitment to the ongoing story. Each of the show‘s main cast members have previous television experience, often involving such large and well-executed shows as super pumped.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt – 3rd rock from the sun

super pumped lead role Joseph Gordon-Levitt rose to prominence at a particularly young age, joining the cast of the NBC sitcom 3rd Rock of the Sun at fourteen, following appearances in films such as A river crosses it and Outfield Angels.

Teenage Gordon-Levitt made a memorable contribution to the fictional Solomon family, establishing a public image which he later applied to high-profile Hollywood films such as (500 days of summer and Creation in more dominant roles than he filled in his earlier work. One of the facts many probably didn’t know about Joseph Gordon-Levitt was his past as a child actor.

Kyle Chandler – Grey’s Anatomy

Dylan Young, a member of the Seattle Police Department's bomb squad, attempts to remove an explosive from a patient's body in Grey's Anatomy

Kyle Chandler, who plays Uber manager Bill Gurley in super pumpedis perhaps most notable to many audiences for his recurring role in the incredibly popular procedural drama Grey’s Anatomy – one of the best TV shows like super pumped. While his character dies in a tragic accident in his fourth appearance, the show has developed a large enough following that Dylan Young’s brief tenure has likely immortalized Chandler in the eyes of those viewers.

Those who appreciated her committed and refined performance in Grey’s Anatomy will certainly appreciate his equivalent level of competence in super pumped.

Kerry Bishé – Stop and Catch Fire

Kerry Bishe and Mackenzie Davis in Halt and Catch Fire

Kerry Bishé, one of the main actors of super pumpedestablished his reputation by delivering strong supporting performances in the AMC drama series Stop and catch fire from 2014 to 2017. Bishé’s roles in both series are powerful reminders of the exceptional potential of women in historically male-dominated fields, and her down-to-earth acting style has allowed viewers to empathize with women trying to diversify those fields. workplaces using their amazing abilities.

Stop and catch fire fans can expect to appreciate Bishe’s mastery when they see Super Pumpedone of Showtime’s best dramas.

Babak Tafti – Succession

Emil looks at the camera in Super Pumped the Battle for Uber

Babak Tafti is one of the lesser known actors of super pumped, but his portrayal of Emil Michael suggests he’ll become a more notable presence in Hollywood in the years to come. Before show time series, Tafti’s most notable project was the HBO series Successionin which he appeared as Eduard Asgarov.

Tafti delivers outstanding performances in his two most notable shows, adding an intensity to each that helps elevate the works from standard dramatic fare to unique and compelling analyzes of corporate America.

Jon Bass – Big Time in Hollywood, Florida

Garrett wears a fleece vest in Super Pumped the Battle for Uber

Although he is currently starring in a serious biographical series, super pumped Star Jon Bass’ highest-profile TV project was previously the Comedy Central sitcom Big time in Hollywood, Florida. Unlike his role as Garrett Camp on the Showtime series, Bass’ frivolous performance in Highligths suggests a versatility that few actors are capable of.

The Comedy Central series only lasted one season, but Bass’ contributions to it make all ten episodes memorable and worth preserving. His work on these shows indicates that Bass will continue to excel in dramatic and comedic franchises.

Elisabeth Shue – Curb Your Enthusiasm

Anne smiles while wearing tan glasses in On The Verge

While Elisabeth Shue is best known for her extensive work in film, including timeless classics such as the two Back to the future sequels, she has also dabbled in television over the past few decades. Some audiences may recall Shue’s appearances as Virginia in two episodes of Larry David’s HBO comedy, Calm your enthusiasmone of which being the infamous Seinfeld reunion episode. She is also in the series Aboutin which she plays Anne.

The unusual length of her career in show business shows that she possesses an exceptional talent – a talent that is evident in her portrayal of Bonnie Kalanick in super pumped.

Bridget Gao Hollitt – Home and Away

Bridget Gao Hollitt of Super Pumped

Like Babak Tafti, Bridget Gao Hollitt gets wide exposure for the first time with super pumped. According to VarietyHollitt’s most notable previous experience is his work on the Australian soap opera At home and awaybroadcast regularly since 1988.

Many American audiences are now won over by its obvious charm and effortless ability to blend into any given scene, and the success of super pumped will likely ensure that she maintains the audience her work deserves as she progresses to future projects.

Uma Thurman – Rooms

Uma Thurman in Chambers

As television gradually became more relevant in the 2010s, A-list star Uma Thurman ventured into the medium with a handful of guest appearances and star performances. While none of these projects achieved the iconic status of his big-screen projects such as pulp Fiction and Kill Bill: Volume 1she found relatively decent success with the 2019 Netflix series Bedrooms.

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The show hasn’t been renewed for a second season, but Thurman’s excellent portrayal of Nancy Lefevre arguably stands alongside her most heralded roles.

Hank Azaria – Brockmire

Hank Azaria Brockmire Season 3 IFC

In addition to being a long-time voice actor for The simpsonsHank Azaria is known for his on-screen work prior to super pumped. A notable example is his starring role in the sitcom IFC Brockmirebroadcast from 2017 to 2020.

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Azaria is a natural comedic actor, but the earnestness with which he portrayed the titular character showed off the broader acting ability he now uses in his recurring role as Tim Cook on the Showtime series. Although he played a relatively minor character in super pumpedAzaria adds a welcome dose of grounding to the show.

Virginia Kull – Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies Cast walking down the street

Virginia Kull, who plays Uber executive Jill Hazelbaker in super pumped, has worked steadily in film and television, his work in the latter medium spanning a wide variety of programming across various genres. One such role was that of Emily Barnes in big little liesa hugely popular HBO series directed by Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman.

Supporting roles are crucial to the success of any given project, and Kull’s consistently exceptional execution of these roles has contributed to the success of those in which she has been involved. This sets Kull apart as one of the most underrated TV drama actors.

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