10 TV shows with six seasons and a movie

CommunityThe fandom has a mantra they still say to this day. “Six seasons and a movie!” remains the call in the whole group, even if Community ended over 7 years ago. However, just because a series hasn’t aired for a while doesn’t mean a movie isn’t possible.

There are a few shows that prove the “six seasons and one movie” formula works well. Six seasons is a proper length for any franchise, and capping it off with a movie is certainly an effective way to really fix the issues. From cartoons to crime dramas, Community audiences can rest easy enough knowing the possibility exists.


The Amazing World of Gumball

gumball and darwin

The Amazing World of Gumball is one of the big cartoon hits of the 2010s. With its unique blend of different animation styles, sharp dialogues and absurd storylines, it’s no surprise that it managed to make it to six seasons . Cartoon Network pushing six seasons and a movie will be a recurring theme throughout this discussion.

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Cartoon Network announced that The Amazing World of Gumball would get a TV movie with series creator Ben Bocquele heading up production. The film is said to be the “epic conclusion” to the original series, but also acts as an introduction to an all-new series under the same team.

The Flintstones

Stephen Baldwin - The Flintstones Movie

It may shock people, but yes, the original The Flintstones only had six seasons. Fred Flintstone’s prehistoric adventures with his friends and family in the town of Bedrock are, ironically, timeless. A film was a fatality.

It’s not just a movie either. Not content with just six seasons, the franchise has also spawned six movies. The films are a mix of live-action theatrical releases and animated TV movies. The films are a series of polarizing films, but they are still Flinstones shenanigans at their heart.

Edd, Ed and Eddy

ed edd n swirl

Edd, Ed and Eddy is one of Cartoon Network’s best shows of the early 2000s. The format of three friends doing a bunch of shenanigans isn’t new, but Edd Ed and Eddy hilariously settles for never letting its three main characters win anything because of their failures.

Everything changed when the film was announced as the series finale. In its wacky way, the series manages to satisfactorily resolve the main character arcs. Delving into themes of domestic violence, even if only for a short dive, is a brave choice for a series finale.

dark shadows

dark shadows movie poster with all the cast

dark shadows was a 1970s American soap opera that focused on the Collinwood house and its inhabitants. The series was unique for incorporating a variety of sci-fi and classic horror elements into a predominantly slice-of-life affair.

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The gothic themes caught the eye of a young Tim Burton, and it was what prompted the legendary director to put his own spin on the show. Strangely, at least for the director’s longtime audience, it took Tim Burton so long to make a vampire movie. Considering the gothic elements, one would think he had already made one. Regardless, dark shadows was a dark and entertaining experience.

The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls was Cartoon Network’s first action series at the time, long before the Samurai jacks and Ben 10s people were around. The series was appreciated for being a show that could be enjoyed by all children despite the fact that the protagonists were girls.

With six great seasons under her belt, The Powerpuff Girls the film should have been a success. Unfortunately, a combination of poor marketing from Warner and opposition from the film men in black II meant the film would be a box office flop. That being said, the film was adored by fans. The series has continued strong to this day with a rebooted animated series and the infamous CW pilot.

sex and the city


sex and the city was a four-girl soap opera focusing on the experiences of single women dating various men. The series was highly rated during its run and the movies were also expected. It was also a first show that featured the “Adults Surviving New York” format after Friends popularized it.

Generally speaking, fans of the movie loved it and non-fans were unsurprisingly not too fond of a film version. The film maintained the witty dialogue and unapologetic love of sexuality, but some reviewers said the humor overtook the characters’ personalities.

Blue’s clues

Blue's Clues Movie Josh and Steve

Blue’s clues has been around for so long that some people might be surprised to know that it only lasted six seasons. The show being a Nickelodeon darling, getting consistent reruns, likely helped build that illusion. The success of the series quickly led to the film Blue’s Great Musical Movie be released on home video with plenty of praise.

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Blue’s clues has since had a soft reboot called Blue’s clues and you. The new host is Josh, Steve and Joe’s cousin. For old fans who now have kids, they should be thrilled to know that a new movie is in the works that will bring Steve and Joe back into the fold. The cinematic universe of Blue’s Clues is bound to be fun.

i love lucy

Alia Shawkat as Madelyn Pugh seated next to Lucy and Vivian in Being the Ricardos

I love Lucy breaking down barriers for the world of television entertainment should never be underestimated. It introduced the first on-screen interracial couple ever to hit American screens, the first TV show to be “filmed” instead of recorded with a kinescope, and finally, it invented the concept of reruns.

Although a “movie” was made, it was never released theatrically. i love lucy: The film was instead put on the series’ VHS collections, which merged the first three episodes with new footage. In 2021, a biopic about the actual creation of i love lucy called Be the Ricardos was released to high praise.

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

imaginary friends foster home poster

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is Craig McCracken’s second crack at an animated series, and it’s reached similar heights of success. The show is considered by anime fans to be the “transition” period of shows from the classic early 2000s era to the modern. adventure time time.

With that success came not just one, but two made for TV movies, titled Happy wilt hunting and Imaginary Destination. Both movies touched on darker themes, in a show that already had a kind of dark premise. After all, no one wants to be forgotten.

The Sopranos

Alessandro Nivola and Michael Gandolfini in The Many Saints of Newark.

The Sopranos is the show that cemented HBO as the go-to place for TV shows with movie-quality scripts and cinematography. In a sea of ​​sitcoms about twenty-somethings in New York, The Sopranos moved to New Jersey. It’s often touted as the show that paved the way for other classics such as The Wire, Breaking Bad, and HBO’s own The iron Throne.

Despite the massive success of the series, it took some time before a movie was made. Unfortunately, James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) would not be there to see The Many Saints of Newark be done. The film was a prequel that focused on Tony’s uncle, Richard “Dickie” Moltisanti struggling with the Newark race riots of 1967.

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