10 Great Shows And Movies To Watch If You Miss The ‘Riverdale’ Cast

With Riverdale will enter its final season later this year and its superstar cast that is wreaking havoc in the city of neon will be missed after seven years on The CW. But being the award-winning cast that they are, these actors can be found in dozens of works from before and after their time in the dark Archie Comics series.

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From ’80s rom-coms to ’90s horror, daytime soap operas to prime-time terror, and the Disney Channel sitcom that made an actor famous in the early 2000s, you’ll be able to soothe your Riverdale withdrawals with many notable TV shows and movies.


“The Hate You Give”

KJ Apa got his big break as lead character Archie Andrews on Riverdale in 2017, opening his career to several leading roles in feature films, including the 2018 adaptation of The hate you give.

Apa played Chris Bryant, Starr’s boyfriend: Chris constantly tries to understand black culture in this teen drama based on the young adult novel by Angela Thomas, a 2017 bestseller inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.


Skeet Ulrich received a new generation of fans when he appeared on Riverdale as FP Jones, better known as the leader of the Southside Serpents and father of Cole Sprouseit’s Jughead.

But Ulrich was no stranger to horror when he got the role of FP. The actor is best known for his starring role in 1996’s Screamwhere he played serial killer Billy Loomis and later reprized his iconic role for 2022 Scream.

“Chemical Hearts”

Lili Reinhart worked on many shows and movies early in her career, but this was her starring role as Betty Cooper in Riverdale which put the actress on the map.

Reinhart has appeared in several films since her big break in 2017, including the 2020 rom-dram chemical hearts, the film adaptation of the novel Our Chemical Hearts by Kristal Sutherland which the actress has both produced and starred in.

“Palm Springs”

For the actress Camilla Mendes, play Veronica Lodge on Riverdale was her first starring role which inevitably led to roles in a handful of movies, including 2020 Golden Globe-nominated Palm Springs.

While the sci-fi romantic comedy played how i met your motherCristin Milioti and Brooklyn Nine-NineAdam Samberg, it also featured Mendes as Tala Anne Wilder, the film’s bride and half-sister to Milioti’s Sarah Wilder.

“My babysitter is a vampire”

While it was her rendition of Toni Topaz on Riverdale who made this actress famous, vanessa morgan debuted with several Disney Channel productions.

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Not only did Morgan play a recurring role in Anthill and a role in the DCOM Lovely geek, but she also starred in the children’s horror film My babysitter is a vampire as Sarah, a character she went on to play on the Disney Channel series of the same name.

‘All my children’

Marc Consuelos joined the Riverdale cast in Season 2 as Hiram Lodge, Veronica’s billionaire father who doubles as a drug dealer involved in the mob until his unexpected death in Season 6.

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But long before playing a prime-time antagonist, Consuelos played a daytime protagonist alongside his real-life wife.Kelly Ripa: they played together the super couple Mateo and Hayley on All my children.


Actress and Youtuber Madeleine Petsch played Riverdale’s Sharpay, Cheryl Blossom, for all seven seasons of the show, and in 2020 made her producer debut in a film in which she also starred.

Petsch played Ellen Ashland, a violinist who goes blind after a violent stroke and is held captive by the man hired to care for her in the psychological thriller Blind.

‘The Breakfast Club’

Molly Ringwald played Archie’s mother, Mary Andrews, since season 1 of riverdale, while Anthony Michel Salle joined the Season 3 cast as Riverdale High School Principal Felix Featherhead.

And while these two 80s icons have never shared a scene on Riverdaleyou can find them playing opposite each other in the 1985 classic The breakfast club and as well as the memorable Samantha and “Geek” in Sixteen candles.

“American Horror Story: Hotel”

Madchen Amick has played betty’s mother, Alice Cooper, since season 1, while Charles Melton played Reggie Mantle since season 2, but a few years before their Riverdale debut, these two actors starred together in another popular horror show.

On American Horror Story: Hotel, Amick appeared as Mrs. Ellison and Melton played Mr. Wu, the two characters who end up being killed off before the end of the season. And if you want an extra dose of Riverdale on AHS, you can find Mark Consuelos as Spivey in American Horror Story: Asylum.

“The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”

Cole Sprouse single-handedly turned Jughead Jones into a teen idol over the show’s past six seasons, and if you’re going to miss him on your TV screen every week after Season 7, you can still find him in this Disney favorite. Channel.

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Sprouse starred alongside his twin brotherDylan Sprouse on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody for three seasons, and later three more seasons of the show’s spin-off The suite life on deck and its subsequent DCOM The movie Suite Life.

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