10 Best High School Shows, According To Ranker

One of the best things about high school TV shows is that they can belong to any genre and captivate a wide range of viewers. dramas like Grand Army to horror series like we are all deadthough different, there is one common factor: a coming-of-age story.

The public has now embraced private soldier to place their votes on the high school TV shows they think are the best. This group is made up of shows as diverse as dark and twisted drama Riverdale and laugh out loud comedy The prince of Bel-Air. Regardless of the genres these series belong to, not only do they attract an audience because they tell an engaging coming-of-age story, but these characters show excellent character development that ties in with viewers.



euphoria season 2 rue and jules

Euphoria follows a high school girl named Rue who struggles with addiction and her loved ones. Throughout the show’s two seasons, viewers see her and her peers dealing with many related issues, such as relationship issues and bullying. However, the HBO show isn’t afraid to delve into darker topics either.

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Euphoria continues to be one of the most talked about shows due to its controversial storylines. For example, Nate’s father’s sexual relationship with Jules, or Rue’s deep dive into drug use. Audiences appreciate these storylines because although they are uncomfortable to watch, they are real, raw, and connect with the audience.

The prince of Bel-Air

new prince of bel air Will

The prince of Bel-Air follows Will as he moves to Bel-Air, California after getting into trouble in his hometown of Philadelphia. The series shows his comedic way of trying to fit in a new environment and highlights his interactions with his wealthy family, including his cousin Carlton.

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The prince of Bel-Air is an all-time comedy classic that many can relate to as Will balances his fish-out-of-water status in ultra-rich Bel-Air with the pressures of growing up. Audiences enjoyed his journey on the show from a teenager to a young man ready to take on the world. It’s a comedy, but the show also covers deep and important issues like institutional racism.

Gilmore Girls

Lorelei and Rory sit while Rory reads

Gilmore Girls centers on Lorelai Gilmore, a single mother raising her teenage daughter, Rory. Throughout the series, viewers can see the special bond that unites Rory and Loralai, while dealing with relationships and forming friendships.

This is a special type of teen show because it focuses on family and features special moments with your loved ones. Although Loralai and Rory don’t have the most ideal situation, they make it work, and their love for each other surpasses any obstacle that stands in your way. These obstacles also help Rory and Lorelai mature throughout the series. Audiences will also enjoy in-show music from some of the most iconic artists like Sonic Youth and The Go-G0’s.

Pretty little Liars

Spencer, Emily, Hanna and Aria talk about Pretty Little Liars

Pretty little Liars is a mystery drama that follows four teenage girls whose lives are turned upside down after the murder of their friend Alison. Soon after, they soon start receiving mysterious threatening text messages from someone who goes by A. They must find out who A is before this unknown person ruins their lives.

The public loves Pretty little Liars for its unexpected moments as well as its mystery and suspense, which really adds an “anything can happen” dynamic to the series. These girls are also trying their best to live normal lives, while being threatened by A. The show literally has it all, friendships and lots of lies. The show also addresses important issues that many teens face, including eating disorders and bullying.


TV Couples Ryan Marissa The OC

The teen series that defined the early 2000s. The CO.centers on Ryan, a teenager who’s had a tough life, but suddenly finds himself embroiled in the Cohens’ lives. Now that Ryan is in this new world of the rich and privileged, he has to learn to get used to his new surroundings, but that’s easier said than done.

CO is a soap opera for teenagers, and that is why many teenagers and adults are still attracted to this series. There’s drama when it comes to Marissa and her family, shock value when fans find out Marissa dies, and love triangles between many of the main characters. The series is also a great time capsule from the early 2000s, taking viewers on a nostalgic journey when it comes to fashion and specifically music. Many songs correspond perfectly to the atmosphere that reigned in each episode. So not only fans can enjoy a good story, but they can also listen to good tunes.


An image of Veronica Lodge in Riverdale

The ever-popular CW series based on the Archie comics. Riverdale follows a group of high school students who tend to always meddle in a deadly mystery. The series also focuses on their love life, family issues, and social power.

What fans like Riverdale are its wild plotlines and dark tone. Right off the bat during the first episode, viewers learn that there has been a death, indicating that these aren’t the Archie comics that came out decades ago. The characters are also unique and hold up. There’s school jock Archie, trying to figure out his life, and Veronica Lodge, the wealthy teenager who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

The Vampire Diaries

Elena wears a cheerleader outfit and argues with Stefan in The Vampire Diaries

The vampire diarys follows Elana Gilbert whose life is changed forever after Stefan and Damon Salvatore, two vampires, come into her life. The series follows the love triangle between the three as they face foes like Katherine Pierce or Elijah.

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The Vampire Diaries will always be a show that fans will love. It mixes romanticism and the supernatural. The character development in this series is amazing, Caroline being a prime example. She starts as the cheerleader who thinks only of herself and grows into a confident vampire who will do anything to protect her friends. The structure of this show is also perfect and is set up to make viewers want after every episode nothing is really solved in the world of RST, which is an excellent recipe for a successful show.

A tree hill

Haley and Lucas sitting and talking seriously on One Tree Hill

A tree hill focuses on the rivalry between Lucas and Nate who discover that they are going to be half-brothers. Over the seasons, the show sheds light on the other characters as they deal with love triangles and high school drama.

This is a pure drama series, and that’s why fans can’t get enough of it. From the Peyton-Lucas-Brooke love triangle to Peyton being stalked by an impostor posing as her half-brother. The series also tackles the difficulties of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, as seen in the time jump in season 5. This is a series where the actors are so compelling that fans will be swept away in the drama and love lives of these characters for the duration of the series.

Gossip Girl

Serena Blair Starring Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is all about the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The series follows a group of wealthy teenagers as they live a luxurious life on New York’s Upper East Side. While living their lavish lifestyle, they fall prey to the infamous Gossip Girl, an unknown person who spills the tea on a blog about outrageous secrets the main characters want to hide.

What wasn’t to like about this series? The fashion is on point and the characters are well written. There’s Georgina whose scheming and manipulative ways leave viewers on the edge of their seats, and also the fun friendship between Serena and Blair. Due to the Gossip Girl website, the series also touches on how social media can take over people’s lives, whether it’s good news or bad news, people can’t stop reading it.

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf follows Scott McCall who suddenly becomes a werewolf after being bitten by an alpha werewolf. He must now balance his life as a teenager and a hero in his city plagued by evil supernatural forces.

It’s the characters that make Teen Wolf stand out because each person has a unique story. Alison Argent is a young woman who descends from a long line of werewolf hunters and is Scott’s first love. There’s also Lydia Martin, a popular college student who soon gains the supernatural powers of a banshee. These deep stories and twists in classic mythology make the characters more intriguing and easier to understand.

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